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The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2020

I' m very pleased to welcome you to this conference call. I will present you the end of September 2020 sales, starting with the key figures and the main highlights over the period... When comparing the evolution of sales quarter by quarter, 2020 versus 2019, you can see that Q3 2020 experienced a more consistent outcome than Q2 2020.

Q1 2018 - Transcript EN

I wondered if there is a different scale of investment that would be possible, if you had some flexibility on how those assets could be invested? Xavier Girre :As you know, we have already accelerated the investments we are doing. The net investments in the Renewables were in the range of 500 million per year three years ago.

Obs'COP 2020 - Questionnaire

You do it systematically or almost systematically You do it from time to time You don' t do it yet but you are considering doing it You don' t want to do it. or can' t do it Not concerned Don' t know 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

The transcript of the Analysts Conference 2011

Does that give you more comfort on the annual guidance perhaps or don' t you think you' re a bit shy here? I mean you' re doing better, slightly better than your annual growth rate in the first half year... So is your guidance not a little bit timid based on what you are doing and implementing? And third question has to do with the hydropower concessions.

Sales - 3rd quarter 2011 transcription of the QA

We believe that we still have room for improvement on this front even if, as you can tell from the dark blue box, there is improvement on a quarterly basis compared to last year... You know that mid-term our availability factor target is 85 %; that' s where we will find the additional availability factor points.

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