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This is with a view to possibly reducing the ordinary capital to an extent of covering prior losses as well as those that will be recorded in the 2019 financial statements... In this way Edison contributes effectively to the energy transition providing Italy with a balanced production mix, able to guarantee the security and flexibility of the country' s' energy system.

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thanks to the" My Job" project 2 200 EMPLOYEES 87 2 % of employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement in 2020 (3) invested since 2017 foster energy accessibility through rural electrification in emerging countries 40 million 4 1 COMMUNITIES AND TERRITORIES indirect jobs with each direct job at EDF (2) 1 25 billion Hybrid social bonds issued in 2021.

Vigeo Eiris Opinion on EDF Green Bond Framework (January 2020)

while it commits to transparently communicate on the methodology and assumptions used to calculate the environmental indicators for" energy efficiency" and" biodiversity protection" and that those should be aligned with best market practices. 5 Still to be edited in end 2019, not evaluated during this second party opinion assessment. 8/19- All projects shall be within the EU territory All projects shall comply with local regulation Investments in energy efficiency.

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Customers & Energy Services Marc Benayoun, with its root causes and consequences, covering the right to housing, living comfort and also inclusion, dignity, financial security, health, the environment, and so on. E IM ACT RE ORT CARBON NEUTRALIT AN CLIMATE OUR COMMITMENT A B Our commitments The goal to build a net zero energy future is in keeping with our raison d' être.

Obs'COP 2021 - Press Release

December 15, 2021- A key player in the energy sector on an international level that has committed to the goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. EDF presents the findings of an opinion study of groundbreaking scope conducted for the 3rd consecutive year by Ipsos in 30 countries1 across five continents, covering two thirds of the world' s population and featuring the biggest CO2 producers.

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the onshore wind energy specialist, by EDF Énergies Nouvelles Alliance with the consortium led by Masdar to develop the third phase of an 800MW solar park in Dubai Commissioning of projects... This decision of the Board, taken in full compliance with the law of 17 August 2015 on the energy transition for green growth.

Téléchargez le rapport d'activité 2019 de la Direction des Affaires européennes EDF (version anglaise exclusivement)

These recommendations are in line with those put forward more recently by the International Energy Agency. At the end of 2018, the Commission had proposed a" climate and energy" strategy with that timeframe... Beyond these membership fees, the European Affairs Department financed dedicated actions in support of the lobbying priorities presented in this report: climate action, decarbonising the economy with electrification and energy efficiency, supporting a sustainable development and fostering Research and Innovation.

The Investor Presentation of the November 2013 Green Bond issuance (PDF, 1,5 Mb)

key achievements over past 3 years Portfolio optimisation allowing EDF to fully deploy its EDF has clearly identified growth platforms where it can deploy its strategy while keeping a highly visible profile Renewables with EDF Energies Nouvelles Gas strategy with EDISON Energy Services with DALKIA (1) industrial strategy Increased maturity matching long duration assets.

UPDATE - EDF Social Bond Framework Presentation (Preliminary Allocation) - November 10 2021

A new chapter with a preview of EDF Social Bond Report has been added EDF RAISON D' ÊTRE AND CSR COMMITMENTS CSR COMMITMENTS ACCORDING TO THE 4 CHALLENGES OF THE COMPANY RAISON D' ÊTRE To build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services... approved at the Shareholders' meeting of 07 / 05 / 2020 EDF RAISON D' ÊTRE AND 2030 STRATEGIC TARGETS UPGRADE To build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services.

Information at end 2014 presented in the Reference Document

or indirectly holds 100 % of SSG' s' equity... An assessment of the convention will be carried out each year and presented to the public, if possible jointly with other companies 1 who have signed similar conventions. 1. This legal framework organizing the liberalisation of the energy sector is relatively recent and does not necessarily provide comprehensive solutions to the difficulties created by market liberalisation.

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