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At a glance 2012

Through the quality of its personnel, its capabilities in R & D, engineering and industrial operation, and its energy efficiency offers, it provides competitive solutions that reconcile economic development with climate protection. lowcarbon generation Nuclear generated electricity has the advantage of reconciling the regular power produced by large thermal plants and low CO2 emissions comparable to those produced by renewables.

Sustainable development report

Energy related and environmental services to industry with Fenice, to the services sector and local authorities with Siram. -Electricity sales to major customers... We come at those questions with diverse perspectives... Julien Daniel (p. 15) A new system of corporate governance -2004 saw significant changes in the commercial and regulatory context of the French energy sector, in line with European directives.

Milestones 2010

In these pages, those who work with EDF describe how hydro generation is rooted in the regions, and how energy services are being delivered to local authorities... More than a renewable energy, water is a sustainable energy. ogether with nuclear power, hydroelectricity, the world' s foremost renewable energy, is an essential component of France' s generation mix.

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2008

23 million pixels to reap the benefits of extreme simulation Working with other industrial groups and laboratories, including those of Alcatel and the French Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l' Énergie Atomique -CEA. We also confirmed our commitment to renewable energy in 2008, with EDF Energies Nouvelles bringing on stream several hundred MW of wind capacity.

Sustainable development report

Given its R & D capability, its track record and expertise in nuclear, fossil-fired and hydro generation and in renewable energies, together with its energy eco-efficiency offers... Electricity providers have a special responsibility, starting with encouraging users to save energy... starting with encouraging users to save energy.

Sustainable development report

In 2005, as part of our renewed partnership agreement with Ademe (2004) covering several energy savings programs, new public awareness campaigns on energy saving practices and techniques were launched. We moved ahead in key areas- shareholding, public service, social responsibility, environmental policy, and industrial strategy- and in phase with today' s' energy environment. Never have our commitments been so clearly and powerfully expressed.

Activity and Sustainable Development Report 2010

EDF GROUP 2010 & SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY CONTENTS 04 06 12 EDF worldwide Interview with the Chairman and CEO Key figures and sustainable development indicators 2010 BUSINESSES AND EXPERTISE Global energy challenges Generation and engineering Networks Sales and trading OPERATING PERFORMANCE BY COUNTRY France United Kingdom Italy Other international activities Other businesses FOSTERING HUMAN AND TECHNOLOGY POTENTIAL Human resources Innovation and R & D GOVERNANCE AND RESULTS Board of Directors Executive Management Shareholder relations Financial statements 2010 18 20 23 34 39 44 46 60 64 68 76 78 80 86 90 92 94 96 98 101 Sustainable development indicators 101 EDF GROUP ACTIVITY AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2010 PROFILE 03 PROFILE The EDF Group is one of the world' s leading energy companies.

Management report

-Daniel Camus, Chief Financial Officer; -Yann Laroche, Chief Human Resources and Communications Officer; -Jean Louis Mathias, Chief Operating Officer, Integration and Deregulated Operations in France; together with four Senior Executive Vice- Presidents and the CEO of EDF Energy... clarifying the company' s responsibility with regard to energy.

Annual Results 2013 The Management Report

end 40 Subsequent events 40 Financial outlook 40 1 13 1 14 information on edf' s capital and governance bodies 40 1 12 1 Capital 40 1 12 2 Rules applicable to changes of bylaws 43 Corporate governance 44 1 13 1 Board of Directors 44 1 13 2 Chairman and ceo and Directors' remuneration 46 1 13 3 Governance bodies 48 1 13 4 Report of the Chairman of the Board required by article L.

The 2014 reference document

An assessment of the convention will be carried out each year and presented to the public, if possible jointly with other companies 1 who have signed similar conventions. 1. This legal framework organizing the liberalisation of the energy sector is relatively recent and does not necessarily provide comprehensive solutions to the difficulties created by market liberalisation.

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