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At a glance 2012

lowcarbon generation Nuclear generated electricity has the advantage of reconciling the regular power produced by large thermal plants and low CO2 emissions comparable to those produced by renewables... © EDF Philippe Eranian Thermal Flexible, reliable generation with costs under control Fossil... along with other networks in Europe.

Sales - 1st quarter 2014 transcript

So all of those reasons explain why we feel confident with at least a 3 % increase in the EBITDA at the Group level for the full year, excluding Edison. So let me start with slide number 3, the key highlights for the past quarter... Just to put things in perspective, average temperatures in January were on par with 1988, and only second to temperatures reached in the year 1900.

Sustainable development report

We come at those questions with diverse perspectives... It looks to develop a responsible long term relationship with customers, suppliers and those living near its industrial sites and plants. ..16 Developing dialogue with stakeholders... .....20 Working with suppliers on procurement policy... It has also been prepared with reference to external reference frameworks: the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI (1)) guidelines and the French New Economic Regulations (NRE.

Milestones 2010

In these pages, those who work with EDF describe how hydro generation is rooted in the regions, and how energy services are being delivered to local authorities... Potential output: 16 5 TWh. -Storage hydropower systems, for instance those on the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, have medium-sized water reserves for covering temporary spikes in consumption.

Report by the Chairman of EDF Board of Directors on corporate governance and internal control procedures

2 3 3 CONTROL PROCEDURES RELATING TO COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS AND REGULATIONS The Legal Affairs Division has traditionally been responsible for keeping track of legislative and regulatory changes and raising awareness of those likely to have an impact for the Group within the branches and divisions concerned.

Annual Results 2011 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

Among the major industrial partnerships in the works, we have mentioned those with major players, major French partners, but they aren' t the only ones. Finally, we end the year with a robust financial structure... which means we can meet the debt ratio target with net debt of 2 2 times EBITDA and... Let me start with my favourite area: operations.

Extracts of the prospectus relating to the private placement of long-term notes to qualified investors outside of France at January 21, 2009

Long term used fuel management partnership with AREVA On December 19, 2008, AREVA and EDF entered into a framework agreement relating to the transmission and recycling of used nuclear fuel, covering the 2008- 2040 period... To these risks are added those associated with attacks or ill-intentioned acts of any kind.

Sustainable development report

engages with stakeholders or those who represent them in an extensive and comprehensive dialogue which stress... the job training, with a scheme covering 350 apprenticeship contracts dedicated to new technologies for the call center professions... Shared priorities were identified around three types of risk: core profession risks (electricity, falls, related risks- road accidents, equipment handling, factory floor) and emerging risks or those with a delayed effect (chemical risks, psychosocial and musculoskeletal problems.

Annual Results 2012 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

We will respect those two objectives. Henri Proglio On the contrary, we have even associated them with Group operations... We are also reviewing some other projects, such as one clean coal project in Poland, and we stick to those investment criteria, which are quite strict, with strict value creation objectives for each of our projects.

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2008

23 million pixels to reap the benefits of extreme simulation Working with other industrial groups and laboratories, including those of Alcatel and the French Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l' Énergie Atomique -CEA... a work-study program for equal opportunity Work study training offers young people, notably those who are disadvantaged, the opportunity to enter the job market with a degree and professional experience.

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