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Sales - 3rd quarter 2013 transcript

I know that it is a busy morning today so I will walk you quickly through our third quarter sales so that we can spend a bit more time with Philippe Sasseigne, who is here with me today... Moving to next steps, we have an ambitious timetable where we believe that it is very important if we move forward along these lines to start integrating the businesses rapidly that we have a first phase of confirmatory due diligence in the forthcoming weeks so that we will be able to start the work on the consultation process within EDF.


So before year-end we should expect that there will be these changes... It goes way beyond EDF, it talks about energy in transportation, energy in homes, housing and so on and so forth, and the government will aggregate all this and define the planning, the eightyear target planning, for energy in France.

The transcript of the Analysts Conference 2010

As you know the law of 7 June, 2010 has extended the transitory TaRTAM mechanism, so based on our estimates, 265 million will be the impact of this extension of the mechanism... Before 2015 there will be progressive convergence towards a system based on a stacking of different tariff components- cost of generation, cost of transmission, commercial costs and so on and so forth.

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