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PR: Extracts from Jean-Bernard Lévy interview in Les Echos dated 22/09/2015

On Renewable Energy :"We are already the leading European producer of renewable energy and we want to significantly accelerate in this area... Indeed, we are working on the design of an EPR" new model" in order to be able in four... ...()As long as we are unable to store energy... We are also in discussions with the rating agencies S & P and Moody' s to limit to one notch the downgrade of our issuer rating.

Transcript of the press conference organised to accompany the publication of a press release on the Flamanville 3 project - 9 October 2019

For the moment, we are maintaining a second scenario as a fallback solution, in the event that the first scenario does not achieve the requisite quality... We are not changing the reference of our previous disclosures... So, we are maintaining our plan B, which we continue to work on, so as not to waste time if ever the robot plan is not approved.

Téléchargez le transcript de la conférence (en Anglais)

We are reaching a milestone today... where we are present for more than 10 years and where we became... We are present in nearly all areas, in particular in the nuclear sector with the operation of eight nuclear power stations... has taken forward reform of the electricity market introducing a progressive carbon floor price and establishing the framework that includes the Contract for Difference we are talking about today.

RES 2017 - Transcript EN

Nevertheless we have stayed the course and we are laying the ground for the future with very strong execution of our performance plan... We are, we remain, a profitable group and for the first time in many, many years our debt levels dropped in 2017... We are ahead of schedule in our plan to reduce operating expenses by 1 billion per year.

S1 2018 - Retranscription

As we have said in our CAP 2030 targets, our international footprint growth is of great importance. o In Africa more specifically on the off-grid market, we are considerably expanding our range of solutions and our presence... we are in line with our positioning as the champion in low carbon growth... we are now disclosing Group wide numbers for the entire Group' s renewables business including hydro.

Transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference

We are inspired by the values of public service and solidarity... These additional efforts are a follow -on from the performance plan and the disposal plan that we undertook in 2015... We are consolidating our positions, for instance in the Middle East which is one of our top priority regions... We are also building very substantial wind farm projects in many countries, in France and China.

Q1 2018 - Transcript EN

We did so in several As regards the Client Solutions and Energy Services :they are clearly another business activity that saw significant developments... We will be able to update you when ongoing additional tests are completed and reviewed by the ASN... As I said earlier, we are disclosing Group... We also confirm that we are on track to completing the 10 billion disposal plan by the end of the year, two years ahead of schedule.

Transcription de la présentation aux investisseurs et analystes HY 2021 (en anglais)

The technical, economic and governance conditions are now in place to extend the depreciation period of 1300 MW reactors to 50 years, as we did in 2016, five years ago, for the 900 MW fleet... We are opting for the scenario of fitting a retainer clamp around the three concerned nozzles... And in the UK, we are discussing currently with the British government on the financing scheme for two EPRs on the Sizewell site.

The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2020

As you know, we are preparing a dossier for the government that has to be submitted mid- 2021 and we have been asked to do that. We are still working on that, and in fact any intermediate document doesn' t call for any specific comment. Olivier Van Doosselaere (Exane BNP Paribas :)Good morning and thank you very much for taking our questions.

Q1 2018 - Transcript EN

This represents roughly 80 % of our 10 billion target over the 2015- 2020 period, which means that we are well advanced and ahead of schedule. Group sales Let me now move on to the sales numbers... In order to meet this target, we are fully focused on restarting plants currently on outage according to the latest schedule.

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