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Rapport annuel d'Information du public relatif aux installations nucléaires de base de Chinon

TYPE D' INSTALLATION NATURE DE L' INSTALLATION Type d' installation Atelier des matériaux irradiés (AMI) Magasin interrégional de stockage du combustible neuf Centrale nucléaire Centrale nucléaire Chinon A1 D. Centrale UNGG en déconstruction Chinon A2 D.

4ème réexamen périodique des réacteurs de 900 MW : les travaux et les dispositions prévus par EDF conduiront à des améliorations significatives de la sûreté

qui estime que" les travaux entrepris et les dispositions prévues conduiront à des améliorations significatives de la sûreté des installations et contribueront à l' atteinte des objectifs du rée xamen... en juin 2019 .EDF note que sa proposition de déploiement des modifications sur ses installations en deux phases est jugée cohérente par l' ASN.

Rapport annuel de surveillance de l'environnement de Saint-Laurent

Rapport environnemental annuel relatif aux installations nucléaires du Centre Nucléaire de Production d' Electricité de Saint... Physico chimie et Hydrobiologie 62 V Acoustique environnementale 63 Partie VII- Évaluation de l' impact environnemental et sanitaire des rejets de l' installation 64 Partie VIII- Gestion des déchets 68 I.

Rapport annuel d'information du public relatif aux installations nucléaires de base de Cattenom

Cattenom 2020 Rapport annuel d' information du public relatif aux installations nucléaires du site de Cattenom Ce rapport est rédigé à titre de articles L125 15 et L125 16 du code de l' environnement Introduction Tout exploitant d' une installation nucléaire de base (INB) établit chaque année un rapport destiné à informer le public quant à activités qui y sont menées.

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In Lille, we are a stakeholder in the So MEL, So Connected project for the integration of electric vehicles in a dense urban environment, with the installation of charging stations featuring sunshades... OR CERTAIN TYPES OF RENOVATION WORK... This led to the installation of a cogeneration plant producing electricity and heat, coupled with a water network.

The Investor Presentation of the November 2013 Green Bond issuance (PDF, 1,5 Mb)

End June 2013 figures for EDF Group 9 We develop renewable energies in a sustainable way Challenges in renewable energies markets Generation costs Intermittency EDF approach Develop the right type of renewable energy at the right place Displace existing and avoid new carbon... ensure equitable access to energy and to contribute to regional development Responsible Industrial Firm 1 Maintain the highest levels of security in our installations Responsible Employer 5 Significantly reduce the number of accidents among employees and our subcontractors Responsible Partner 8 Promote transparency and dialogue on sensitive issues 2 Remain the leading main energy provider in terms of the development of lowcarbon energies 6 Maintain performance and professional excellence of the teams through training and supporting diversity 9 Contribute to regional development through employment 3 Invest in renewable energies and increase their competitiveness 7 No tolerance for breach of human rights.

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EDF Polska' s' efforts in this area (installation of flue gas desulphurisation- FGD- plants in Kraków... EN14() 3.) Breakdown of type of water drawn by continent (as a % and in billions of cu... implementation of the Grand Carénage programme to renovate nuclear power plants; works for the installation of a new hydroelectric generator at La Coche hydropower plant; works to extend a storage building at Velaines.

2007 Management Report

Law of June 28, 2006 on sustainable management of radioactive materials and waste Special program to improve conditions of facilities (Projet" obtenir un état exemplaire des installations") EDF has adapted the presentation and estimation of its nuclear obligations to the requirements of the law of June 28, 2006 and its implementing provisions (decree of February 23, 2007 and decision of March 21, 2007.

Profile & Performance 2015

The company has gradually introduced a range of activities that improve the energy efficiency of regions and industrial customers: heating and cooling systems, thermal and multitechnical services for buildings and industrial utilities, and installation and maintenance of generation equipment... Dalkia manages 88 000 energy installations in France.

2nd Supplement to the EMTN 2019 Base Prospectus

by dividing emissions by a factor of more than 6; it sets up a scheme to limit from 1 January 2022 the level of CO2 emissions from installations generating electricity from fossil fuels... In addition, periodic reviews are carried out on nuclear and hydraulic installations, incorporating both feedback and climate change projections; this is a key cornerstone of the robustness of the installations.

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