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The Inspector General's report on Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection - 2020

This dismantling schedule is ambitious but realistic, according to the international experience on this type of reactor... The VD4 900 modifications were initially grouped into two packages to even out the workload (studies and installation;) an additional package was then defined following the' experts' standing group6 meeting in November 2020.

The Consolidated Financial Statements at 31 December 2017

The Group' s lease contracts essentially concern real estate assets (office and residential properties,) industrial installations (land, wind farms) and to a lesser extent vehicles and IT equipment... The Group is concerned by both aspects of this system, both as an operator of electricity installations (EDF.

Information at end 2014 presented in the Reference Document

with the first invitation to tender for the supply and installation of three million meters... Safety is also an integral part of the operating conditions imposed by the site licenses issued pursuant to the Nuclear Installations Act and enforced by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Agency of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE.

Prospectus de l'émission hybride 2020 en euros - Septembre 2020 - en anglais

by dividing emissions by a factor of more than 6; it sets up a scheme to limit from 1 January 2022 the level of CO emissions from installations generating electricity from fossil fuels... In addition, periodic reviews are carried out on nuclear and hydraulic installations, incorporating both feedback and climate change projections; this is a key cornerstone of the robustness of the installations.

The 2018 EMTN Base Prospectus

Développement durable et énergies renouvelables o Inauguration de deux projets innovants pour la transition énergétique au RoyaumeUni (parc éolien en mer de Blyth et installation de stockage par batterie de West Burton) Confirmation des trois projets éoliens en mer de Fécamp. Courseulles sur Mer et Saint Nazaire Acquisition par EDF de 750 MW d' actifs de production (gaz et pointe) pour soutenir le développement de ses activités renouvelables au Chili Acquisition par EDF d' un projet de parc éolien en mer de 450 MW en Ecosse auprès de Mainstream Renewable Power Mise en service par EDF de sa première installation d' énergies renouvelables aux Emirats Arabes Unis o o o o.

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