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Shareholders' Newsletter - Special edition - Combined Shareholders' Meeting (May 2017)

He then expressed his confidence in the Group' s future. "As in previous years, your company has remained profitable, despite persistent low prices on the European markets, despite growing competition, and despite challenges in generation... We play a key role in the energy transition by providing consumers with increasingly low carbon electricity and by turning customers into prosumers involved in their energy consumption. "2016 DIVIDEND 0 90 per share in cash or in shares n 0 50.

Actionnaires la lettre - Édition spéciale Assemblée générale 2016

This large-scale project, supported by the relevant countries and approved by the European Union, and on which EDF has been working for eight years, is profitable thanks to the long-term tariff conditions negotiated with the British authorities... Claude Nahon, Executive Vice President for Sustainable Development and the Environment, and Antoine Cahuzac, Group Senior Executive Vice President Renewable Energies, CEO of EDF Énergies Nouvelles, reiterated the fact that EDF is a key player in the energy transition.

The transcript of the Analysts Conference 2011

Priority to profitable growth, this may not be very original, but that is the meaning that we want to give to the Group' s strategy... As you see, our expertise, which is recognised on a global level, legitimates our growth ambitions provided of course that this growth must be profitable... Our objective is to sustain a profitable growth for EDF, based on six key drivers.

Management report

The Group' s' objective, as reaffirmed at the end of 2004, is to build up a dynamic, profitable energy group with a solid base in France and Europe... In Poland, market conditions were unfavourable for the subsidiary Rybnik, which nevertheless remained profitable... the EDF Group, in compliance with the French stock market regulator AMF' s recommendation on financial communications during the transition period.

Half-year Results 2014 transcript

Despite a complex environment and economic conditions which can only be described as lacklustre, we remain committed to the same convictions as before namely, that industrial investment and employment are indispensable to healthy and profitable growth... Because you asked me about this procedure, I will take the opportunity to reiterate that these dedicated assets, because they cover 105 % of their liabilities, are profitable.

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2004

The goal is to consolidate its position as a top-ranked energy group, firmly anchored in Europe and increasingly active in developing markets like Asia, achieving profitable growth in all its businesses... This profitable growth was made possible first and foremost by our staff, who rose to the challenge and mobilised to implement the performance programmes and adapt to change.

Rapport sur la gestion du groupe EDF 2004

En Pologne, les conditions de marché ont été défavorables à la filiale Rybnik, qui reste cependant profitable... En vue de la publication de ces états financiers comparatifs pour l' exercice 2005 et conformément à la recommandation de l' Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) relative à la communication financière pendant la période de transition.

Management report 2009

recurring items (4() 3() 2) 65 165 16 623 6 240 1 814 380 1 020 3 961 + 10 2 + 4 4 -32 9 -64 4 + 22 2 -73 9 + 11 3 (5() 1) The EBITDA growth target announced by the Group for 2010 excludes the impact of the laws extending the TaRTAM transition tariff system beyond June 30, 2010 to June 30, 2011... com) 1 2 1 3 Electricity consumption (1) 1 2 1 4 Electricity and natural gas sales tariffs The French governmental decision of August 12, 2010 set the average rise in regulated electricity sales tariffs from August 15, 2010 at 3 8 % (excluding the effects of the TaRTAM transition tariff system.

Annual Results 2013 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

for example, in North America, where wind corridors make it perfectly possible to be profitable... We are trying to find to find the right condition to ensure that this interim transition period will not be wasted time or wasted effor.

Activity and Sustainable Development Report 2010

Europe' s leading hydropower producer Hydroelectricity is a profitable, responsive and powerful energy and a necessary part of sustainable development... The EDF Group plans to turn these energies into a profitable growth sector that will help create a very low carbon energy mix... It is preparing the Group for the future by looking ahead to the medium and long term with the goal of accelerating the transition from innovation to industry and the market.

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