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Management report

On finalization of the transition, certain items were reclassified between" Other operating income and expenses" and" Personnel expenses... See (4) page 10. 7 .The finalization of the transition to IFRS led to a 57 million correction to the allocation of net income between geographical areas... On finalization of the transition, certain items were reclassified between" Other operating income and expenses" and" Personnel expenses", leading to a 173 million increase in personnel expenses and a corresponding reduction in other operating expenses. 4.

Résultats semestriels Transcription intégrale 29 juillet 2011

Vous le voyez, notre compétence reconnue au niveau mondial légitime nos ambitions de croissance à condition, bien évidemment, que cette croissance soit profitable... MWh à 46 / MWh à cours de cette période de transition et c' est la seule réponse... qui permette à l' entreprise, à issue de la période de transition.


Dalkia and Cesbron will develop commercial synergies in order to improve their market shares and respond positively to the challenges posed by the energy transition... or PPE, and the strategic plan) as set out in the energy transition law for green growth... Page 17 of 52 3 6 REGULATORY ENVIRONMENT 3 6 1 France 3 6 1 1 Energy transition law for green growth After a final reading.

Financial Report 2010

Laws of June 7 and December 7, 2010 Operating profit before depreciation and amortization Net changes in fair value on Energy and Commodity derivatives... application of the law of November 9, 2010 3 5 Hydropower concessions 39 39 39 40 40 Note 18 Basic earnings per share and diluted earnings per share.

Rapport annuel 2004

Notre croissance profitable est avant tout l' oeuvre des équipes du Groupe qui, partout, ont su prendre la mesure des enjeux, se mobiliser autour de programmes de performance et s' adapter aux évolutions... avec une rentabilité accrue, nous rapprochant de nos concurrents plus profitables... En Pologne, les conditions de marché ont été défavorables à la filiale Rybnik, qui reste cependant profitable.

Extracts of the prospectus relating to the private placement of long-term notes to qualified investors outside of France at January 21, 2009

Finally, the European institutions aim to harmonize the rules for the allocation of GHG quotas, with a gradual transition from free allocation of allowances to their auction... The Group' s' activities are based on a certain number of technological choices, which may be outperformed by other technologies that prove more efficient, more profitable or even more reliable than those used by the Group.

The commitments of EDF Luminus (Development report 2013)

The collaboration with EDF Luminus and the trading platform help turn tomato growing into a profitable business... Such a period of transition also causes concerns about the future of the company and its employees.

Management report 2009

Constellation Energy Nuclear Group from November 6, 2009 and SPE from November 26, 2009. (3) This amount includes the provision of 1 195 million established following prolongation of the transition tariff system (TaRTAM... The average rise for all these tariffs was thus 2 7 % excluding the TaRTAM transition tariff system.

2005 reference document

and thus have a negative impact on its activities, financial results and prospects... As described in Section 6 3 1 2 2 ''Detail of EDF' s holding in EnBW' ',the EDF Group shares control of EnBW with OEW... Chapter 6 Business Overview Presentation of the EDF Group' s' international activity PAGE 92 The Group' s business in Spain) Hispaelec Energ' a S.

2007 reference document

Although the Group does its best to comply with the laws and regulations concerning health and safety in the different countries in which it operates... It is strongly integrated with the market in Germany and is therefore of interest to foreign investors.

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