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Webinaire en anglais : où en est la révolution de l'ordinateur quantique en France ? Inscrivez-vous ! | EDF France

How to produce a quantum computer, what are the most promising technologies to perform useful calculations with precision, what can be done now with these technologies? with Qandela' s' unit photon sources with rubidium atoms magnetically confined and cooled to 30 K by Pasqal Doppler laser with the spin of the NV centers of Diamfab with carbon nanotubes from C12 Quantum Electronics and Alice & Bob' s' error correcting technology.

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Innov4Graph Project Announcement - Press Release 10Feb2021

PRESS RELEASE Paris, 10 February 2021 New European H2020 EURATOM research project: INNOvative tools FOR dismantling of GRAPHite moderated nuclear reactors INNO4GRAPH What are the most optimal ways to dismantle graphite reactors... What solutions will be the most cost efficient for dismantling operations in reactors of such complexity and dimension.

Obs'COP 2020 - Press Release

Note that there is no North / South split in this case, since the most divided countries include the USA, but also Nigeria and Indonesi... extreme climate events, feature among the most worrying topics (just behind waste accumulation... Note that the level of concern has not increased most in the countries that have experienced ecological disasters this year (USA, Australia, Russia,) but in Turkey (+ 13,) Indonesia (+ 12,) and Sweden (+ 9.

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some important technical decisions were made regarding the location of the terminal (shifted towards the west of the platform in order to fully preserve the biodiversity of the most sensitive areas) and compensatory measures... The upstream step of liquefaction is the most delicate part of the process, but as this takes place close to the gas production sites, it does not concern the Dunkirk LNG project.

Articles of association of EDF SA at 05/15/2014

In the event of disagreement, the representative is appointed by the court at the request of the most diligent joint owner. 2... It may include at the most two members of Parliament or holders of a local electoral mandate, chosen because of their knowledge of the regional, departmental and local aspects of the questions of energy.

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