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Actualités EPR Flamanville 3 - GB - septembre 2014

A mobile crane dismantles the last limbs of the" old lady", stripping her of her tower mast and ballast. North diesel building The last two main diesel engines arrive at the EPR construction site. Aerial view- May 2014 North diesel building The North diesel building receives its two main diesel engines.

Sélection photos september 2015

also called the core barrel. Reactor building Last adjustments before the final installation of the internals in the reactor cavity... Non- classified electrical building Energization of the last 10kV electrical board which will supply the pump house.

Technical news, September 2016

the last jib crane leaves the EPR construction site. Site Seen from the outside, the EPR is now starting to look like the final product.

Actualités EPR Flamanville 3 - GB - mars 2015

Flamanville 3 project, Communication NEWSFLASH EPR FLAMANVILLE 3 MARCH 2015 Reactor building The last three steam generators are brought into the reactor building... Aerial view- May 2014 Reactor building Workers thread the last horizontal pre- stressing tendon.

Actualités EPR Flamanville 3 - GB - avril 2015

Aerial view- May 2014 Reactor building- main primary circuit Welding forges ahead on the last of the steam generators. Aerial view- May 2014 Reactor building- main primary circuit Welding begins on the pressurizer surge line.

Q1 2017 - Transcript EN

Over the last few months, we have accelerated strategic allocation of capital to our renewable activities... Secondly, as regards operating performance, nuclear output is down 7 .6TWh in France due to additional outages compared to the same period last year... They carried an 849m positive impact corresponding to the sale of 20 .2TWh at the ARENH price, which had no equivalent during the same period last year.

Sélection photos juillet 2017 GB

The latest news in pictures Completion of system flushing operations Flushing of the last two safeguard systems towards the primary system and reactor vessel has now been completed. Completion of system flushing operations From the main control room.

Sales - 3rd quarter 2013 transcript

In France, nuclear output was up compared with last year and hydropower output was up significantly, at + 27 7 % compared with the same period last year. In the UK, nuclear output is relatively flat compared with last year, although this has been due to planned outages in 2013... This was achieved despite a heavier volume of planned outages in 2013 compared with 2012, which translated into an increase of 283 outage days in the first nine months of 2013 compared with last year.

Rapport projet de résolutions AG 26072016 VA

weighted by the volumes during the last trading day preceding the determination of the issue price. as the case may be with a maximum discount of 5 %.

Sales - 1st quarter 2014 transcript

And unsurprisingly, weather has been one of the drivers of EDF' s first quarter sales, especially compared to the first quarter of last year... During the last quarter we also completed some strategic developments... Over the first three months of 2014, on the next slide, the cumulative nuclear output is relatively stable, with a drop of 1 TWh compared to last year. 1 TWh is less than 1 %

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