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2nd Supplement to the EMTN 2019 Base Prospectus

PROSPECTUS SUPPLEMENT DATED 9 SEPTEMBER 2020 TO THE BASE PROSPECTUS DATED 21 NOVEMBER 2019 ELECTRICITÉ DE FRANCE 45 000 000 000 EURO MEDIUM TERM NOTE PROGRAMME This second supplement (the" Second Supplement ")is supplemental to... the Base Prospectus dated 21 November 2019 (the" Base Prospectus") as supplemented by the first supplement dated 14 January 2020 (the" First Supplement ")prepared in relation to the 45 000 000 000 Euro Medium Term Note Programme (the" Programme") of Electricité de France" (EDF" or the" Issuer.

2021 convening notice to the Combined Shareholders' Meeting

COMBINED SHAREHOLDERS' MEETING IN CLOSED SESSION CONVENING NOTICE 6 MAY 2021 AT 10:00 AM COMPANY' S REGISTERED OFFICE 22- 30 AVENUE DE WAGRAM 75008 PARIS CONTENTS 02 03 Chairman' s' invitation Overview of the Group' s' activity Composition of the Board of Directors at 1 March 2021 Candidates as Directors Corporate Governance the Combined Shareholders' Meeting that will be held on thursday 6 May 2021 at 10:00 a.

Prospectus de l'émission hybride 2020 en euros - Septembre 2020 - en anglais

Prospectus dated 11 September 2020 Electricité de France (incorporated in the Republic of France with limited liability) EUR 850 000 000 6 5 Year Non Reset Perpetual Subordinated Notes Issue price. 99 283 per cent. (the" 6 5 Year Non Notes") and EUR 1 250 000 000 10 Year Non Reset Perpetual Subordinated Notes Issue price.

[Bazacle] dépliant anglais

Ligne 1, arrêt Arsenal- Ligne 11, arrêt Barcelone Leclerc 11 quai Saint Pierre 31000 Toulouse bazacle.edf.com In 1888, Toulouse Electricity Company converted the mill into a hydroelectric plant to provide energy for public lighting in the centre of Toulouse. During the 20th century: the plant generated electricity thanks to machinery installed in 1911 and 1930.

The 2014 reference document

This document has been prepared by the issuer and its signatories are responsible for its content... prepared in accordance with international accounting standards... set forth respectively in Chapter 20. sections 20 1 (pages 281 to 386) and 20 2 (pages 387 and 388) of the EDF group' s 2013 Reference Document ;consolidated financial statements of the EDF group for the fiscal year ended 31 December 2012.

EDF Group's 2012 reference document / annual financial report

management and supervisory bodies and Executive Management Compensation and benefits Functioning of administrative and management bodies Employees... prepared in accordance with Article L. 225- 235 of the French Commercial Code ("Code de Commerce... 22- 30 , avenue de Wagram 75382 Paris Cedex 08 552 081 317 RCS Paris EDF Group Reference Document 2012 Annual Financial Report This reference document was filed with the Autorité des marchés financiers (the" AMF") on 5 April 2013 in accordance with Article 212- 13 of the AMF General Regulations.

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