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The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference

We reached 3 2 % excluding tariff catch-up, but without the tariff increase that we were expecting, with a negative climate effect, and also with some issues in the nuclear fleet in the UK... The reduction in CO2 cost was partly driven by the fact that we had lower thermal generation output due to the climate.

Annual Results 2008

+ 4 2 % y Lower volumes in the B2B segment partially offset by the positive impact of the climate in H1} Impact of lower network fees} Acquisition of a 26 % stake Breakdown of 2008 EBITDA Services & other 5 % in EWE AG... Fitch A+ annual Results 2009 Focus on organic growth and the integration of acquisitions Pierre Gadonneix Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 2008 Developments in the regulatory environment} In France y Champsaur Commission to assess possible evolution scenarii of the French electricity market} In Europe y Adoption by the European Union of the" Climate Package.

Sales - 1st quarter 2011 transcript

I have to say that the climate of those discussions is excellent and we just took some more months to finalise this, but again, as I said, our goal is to strengthen Edison on its market and in its strategy. As far as Dalkia is concerned, the answer is an industrial one as well through the partnership with Veolia.

[Bazacle] dépliant anglais

The energy, climate issues, substainable development and biodiversity will be explained in an interactive and pedagogic manner. Discover the plant The engine room gives you things to see and hear. Feel the heartbeat of the hydroelectric plant generators still in action (only during a guided tour.

2009 Report by the Chairman of the EDF Board of Directors on Corporate Governance, internal control and risk management procedures

and changes in the institutional and regulatory environment (the Climate... These commitments facilitate consistency between the initiatives of these companies focused on three priorities: -climate change and biodiversity; -access to energy and proximity to users; -contributing to the debate on sustainable development.

Activity and Sustainable Development Report 2010

With its first rate human resources, R & D capability, expertise in engineering and operating generation plants and networks, as well as its energy eco-efficiency offers, the Group delivers competitive solutions that help ensure sustainable economic development and climate protection... Regarding the environment, the Group intends to remain one of Europe' s least carbon-emitting energy companies, adapt its generation fleet and offerings to climate change, and reduce its environmental impact, especially on biodiversity.

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2007

At the same time, the urgency of climate change became clear to all, and the subprime crisis caused real turmoil in financial markets... We must tackle climate change while assuring security of supply, which is being threatened by the scarcity and high cost of hydrocarbons at a time when global demand is steadily increasing.

Sustainable development report

EDF Group sustainable development issues Regulated and market activities in the European Union A responsible approach Stakeholder dialogue Our stakeholders TACKLING CLIMATE CHANGE 24 Choosing wisely 26 Optimizing the generation mix 32 Consumption... Today, it is universally recognized that the growth model of the past is no longer sustainable: as we know, it is disrupting the ecosystem by provoking climate change.

S1 2017 - La retranscription de la présentation aux investisseurs et analystes (en anglais)

As you well know, the French government has released very early on what they call" Plan Climat", I don' t know if this should be translated by" Climate Plan... We had also a favourable impact of the climate, which also has a favourable[ cash] impact for this first half.

Sustainable development indicators

-Protecting the quality of the air and the climate- Reducing noise emissions... Energy management' expenditure also increased, largely due to the environmental evaluation of the KWh and the impact of climate change on energy... Evaluation of the climate change impact on the meteorological parameters (temperature.

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