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Extracts of the prospectus relating to the private placement of long-term notes to qualified investors outside of France at January 21, 2009

The risks that the Group believes are material for its businesses are described below... Although the Group believes that it is in a relatively favorable position in comparison to other economic actors (due in particular to the essentiality of... The Group believes that Operation over an even longer period is feasible, in light of the extended lifespan agreed to by the competent authorities in the United States for nuclear facilities using similar technology (PWR.

Consolidated Half-year Financial accounts at June 30,2005

On this basis, the Group believes that it is premature to consider that the methods currently applied to concession contracts in the consolidated financial statements are consistent with International Accounting Standards. Electricité de France S A may be obliged.

2005 reference document

The risks identified below relate to... The average residual term of the concession contracts is approximately 22 years... thereby disrupting the economic and financial equilibrium of these contracts... assembler results from its industrial skills in terms of the design... a material, negative effect on its profits.

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