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Metro, Électricité de France and Agence France-Presse inaugurate photographic exhibition "Climate change in images"

or that our operation uses 60 % of energy from solar and wind sources. In this way, we help directly and effectively to a cleaner environment.

Another milestone has been accomplished in the development of the Son My 1 combined-cycle gas power plant project (2250 MW) in Vietnam.

We are proud that our expertise will be supporting Vietnam with a pivotal project that epitomises its energy transition. The Son My 1 project has strengthened our footprint in South.

RES 2017 - Transcript EN

The actions that we set in motion three years ago to reduce our debt levels are now reaping results... I' m happy to say that our installed solar and wind capacity increased by 23 % and the output levels of both these energy sources, wind and solar, reached a record level of 13 .8TWh, up by 13 %... With regard to EDF' s Solar plan, which we recently announced and commented, I would just like to point out, to insist, that the financial commitment required from EDF Group is factored into our financial trajectory.

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Firstly, it acknowledges our industrial expertise in the nuclear sector, including the third generation reactors, and that makes us very proud... This is a project that will create skilled and long-term jobs as it will involve a significant number of industrial companies in both our countries... We all know that the nuclear industry is a long-term industry and that it is necessary to consistently maintain our competencies, just like a professional sportsman who carries on practicing to always be at his best.

S1 2018 - Retranscription

CAP 2030 .You see that year over year, renewables are becoming increasingly important in our mix... This highlights that electricity plays a special role within our society, providing a vital service. o Our marketing offensive initiated with our new product range launched in 2017 is really meeting with success.

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Bernard Lévy CHAIRMAN AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER THE RULES THAT MUST BE COMPLIED WITH This Code of Conduct must protect and sustain our culture of integrity... We must set an example because EDF Group' s reputation, and the trust that all our stakeholders have in us, depends on each of us. 1 Marc Benayoun.

Q1 2018 - Transcript EN

but before that, let us review some of the key highlights since our previous communication end of July... I want to highlight that these developments illustrate our commitment to CAP 2030 and the strong priority given to customer solutions... First, the sale of our stake in EDF Polska to PGE that was closed yesterday with a 1 billion positive impact on net financial debt.

S1 2019 - Transcript EN

We' de like to highlight that our consortium- EDF Renewables led consortium- has been selected for the Dunkirk offshore wind power project, around 600 megawatts... our offensive on sales that began in 2017 is gathering a great momentum... This is a new range of electricity supply offerings that are adapted to our customers' lifestyle.

EDF develops its energy services in the United States with the acquisition of Groom Energy Solutions LLC

"I am delighted to join EDF and open up real growth opportunities for Groom Energy Solutions employees as part of a group that understands our business, our approach and our view of the market. We share Dalkia' s service culture, which will allow us to reach our full growth potential. "Jean Michel Mazalérat, Dalkia Chairman and CEO.

The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2021

So, for 2021, once more, I' m very confident that we will reach our guidance higher than 17 7 billion... I highlighted that our Q3 is a very strong Q3, which is of course a very positive point for EDF.

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