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Strategic plan I will not repeat what are our major stakes for us in the long term, our main objectives of CAP 2030, our strategic plan, because we already discussed that very recently... This will help to further decarbonise and optimise EDF assets. 2015 guidance and 2018 roadmap confirmed I wanted to share with you that we are keeping all our 2015 guidance and our 2018 roadmap objectives.

The transcript of the Analysts Conference 2011

I' ll come back on our 2020 ambition that I already mentioned during the shareholders' general meeting... A number of other major highlights have marked our industry particularly in France as well as elsewhere and we' ll be discussing that. Let' s start with our performance in the first half- performance that can be regarded as highly positive in spite of the troubled environment.

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Our results show that we have fulfilled all of our commitments... The pace of these transformations is especially fast in our energy- and commodity sectors- starting with the importance that low-carbon energies have today... The other major transformation that EDF must lead is our collective vision, that will mean that we work differently.

Sales - 1st quarter 2014 transcript

But we managed this weather effect, and today I can confirm our targets for 2014, and I can also confirm that we are progressing well on delivering our 2014 2018 vision for cash flows... However, as I said in my introduction, our first quarter performance is consistent with our objectives for the full year, despite this weather effect that we are managing.

Sales - 1st quarter 2012 transcript

We will walk you through the short presentation that you have hopefully been able to download from our website and then as usual we will take your questions... but I can confirm that we are on track to deliver our full year target and I will give you more details on the bridge to our full year targets later on in the presentation.

Annual Results 2011 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

The subsequent performance of our nuclear fleet reveals two points that I want to stress... Turning to another area, clarifying our investments, we can also say that we kept our promises... We now own 100 % of EDF Énergies Nouvelles and can reaffirm EDF' s commitment to low-carbon energies and our ambition to achieve a diversified energy mix by 2020 that will include 25 % renewables.

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May I start by reminding you that after our Board of Directors Meeting on 22 nd April, we defined the Group' s new financial trajectory... We would also like to highlight that our cost control drive has been very productive. In the first half of the year, our operational expenditures went down by 1 6 % when compared to the first half of 2015- that means reduction of our cost of 167 million.

The transcript of the Analysts Conference 2010

In this disturbed context, the Group has nevertheless continued to expand in France and abroad meaning that our sales are up 7 7 % due to a scope effect as well as due to a significant organic growth... Therefore I will not comment that topic of non recurring items which, of course, has an impact on our income for H1 2010.

Half-year Results 2014 transcript

In the context of global competition, this is a major asset that can help industrial companies deal with the issue of employment and long-term sustainability on our shores... To conclude, my natural optimism leads me to say that for EDF, the future is wide open as long as our development meets two criteria.

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Given the format being used, may I remind you that the slides for this presentation are available on our website... Before that, I' de like to say a few words about our operating income, shown on slide number five... During the period, our major projects in France and Europe moved ahead, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategy in that region, rolled out over five major key countries in which EDF is active and well positioned.

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