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Q&A regarding the payment in shares of the balance of the 2016 interim dividend

9 62, i. e. 3 shares. 2 8) How does the withholding tax work for shareholders who are natural persons that are tax residents of France... for shareholders who are natural persons that are tax residents of France... All forms received after 21 October 2016, for any reason, will be disregarded and shareholders will automatically receive their dividend in cash. 11) Is the choice that shareholders are making this time also valid for future transactions.

Téléchargez les principes du lobbying responsable d'EDF

Communicate and defend positions that are in line with EDF' s strategic framework and raison d' être. Be identified by the European Affairs Division.

Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - EDF group 2019

Companies that EDF group does not control are accounted for under the equity method... Other companies that are accounted for under the equity method but excluded from this assessment represent less than 5 % of emissions in this category. BREAKDOWN OF GHG PROTOCOL EMISSIONS FOR EDF GROUP Scope 1 Direct emissions.

The Inspector General's report on Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection - 2019

This may seem unfair to those who spare no effort to ensure that complex, demanding nuclear power facilities are designed, built and operated safely... At Flamanville 3, I note significant improvement in the state of the plant and that the hot functional tests are progressing smoothly... Although EDF and the ASN deal with unforeseen events in a balanced way, I am concerned about the increasing complexity resulting from the expansion of regulations and requirements that are not being adequately prioritised.

Download the "Customers" booklet

Companies are investing in equipment that uses less energy and is more eco friendly... BOOKLET 7 OUR CUSTOMERS 1 What are the trends that are changing customers' relationship with energy... Take connected objects- for example the Sowee connected station and Linky smart meters- that are revolutionising energy use in the home.

The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2020

As you know, we are preparing a dossier for the government that has to be submitted mid- 2021 and we have been asked to do that. We are still working on that, and in fact any intermediate document doesn' t call for any specific comment. Olivier Van Doosselaere (Exane BNP Paribas :)Good morning and thank you very much for taking our questions.

RES 2017 - Auditors report EN

and for such internal control as management determines is necessary to enable the preparation of consolidated financial statements that are free from material misstatement... -Obtains an understanding of internal control relevant to the audit in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances.

Q3 2018 - Transcript FR

Innovative customer solutions are another area that saw significant developments... We also confirm that we are on track to completing the 10 billion disposal plan by the end of the year, two years ahead of schedule... Secondly, and just in regards to PPE, to the extent that there is capacity or nuclear capacity that closes, are you eligible of any compensation of any sort.

Shareholders' Newsletter - Special edition - 2017 half-year results (Accessible format)

Liquid assets are financial assets consisting of funds or securities with initial maturity of over three months that are readily convertible into cash and are managed according to a liquidity oriented policy. 3. Rounded figure. 4.

EDF Social Bond Framework May 19 2021

issuing bonds that are compliant with ICMA' s Green Bond Principles that finance activities related to its CSR commitments to an ambitious carbon trajectory... or with its tier- 1 suppliers 5 Support an ecosystem of SMEs that are critical for EDF' s low... Management of proceeds Social Bond proceeds are managed through a dedicated process that ensures traceability of the proceeds in EDF SA' s Treasury and allocation to Eligible Projects.

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