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Vigeo Eiris Opinion on EDF Green Bond Framework (January 2020)

The Group has implemented a Group wide sustainable development policy, EDF' s CAP 2030 strategy, updated in 2018, that applies to all entities of the Group... The Issuer states that a strong Group' s Sustainable Development policy is in place regarding waste management, and that decommissioning is included in suppliers / contractors' contracts.

EDF Green Bond Framework (January 2020)

wide Sustainable Development Policy. 4 EDF has put in place a specific assessment and selection process for all Eligible Projects and Eligible Investments (including acquisitions. Finance Departments within the relevant EDF Divisions are responsible for assessing proposed Eligible Projects against a specific set of environmental and social criteria" (Green Project E & S Criteria.

Download the 2021 EDF Group's Duty of Vigilance Framework

To prevent and mitigate risks of serious harm to the environment, the EDF group relies on its Ethics Charter and Sustainable Development Policy... -Sustainable Development policy- Nuclear Safety policy- Health and Safety policy- Purchasing policy- Ethics and Compliance policy- Instruction note on Integrity checks on business relations- Instruction note on Combating fraud- Tax policy 21.


The EDF Group is ISO 14001 certified and has adopted a Sustainable Development Policy that it aims to implement within its various companies and promote among its suppliers and subcontractors. In this policy, EDF is strengthening the application of these principles within its relationships with its suppliers.

Annual Results 2013 The Management Report

year summary of edf results 50 1 14 5 Payments to suppliers 50 2 2 1 Corporate responsibility 51 2 2 2 3 2 4 2 5 Sustainable development policy 52 2 1 1 Governance of sustainable development 52 2 1 2 Awareness and training in sustainable development for managers and employees 52 Environmental information 53 2 2 1 Environmental matters 53 2 2 2 Safety of industrial facilities.

Sustainable development report

the Purchasing Division' s "quality sustainable development "policy... Involve SD Panel in issues regarding the major actions of the Group sustainable development policy... Pursue implementation of Sustainable Development Policy with suppliers and conduct first assessment... Extended Purchasing Department' s "Quality Sustainable Development Policy" to cover ethical and societal issues.

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