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Des chercheurs d'EDF publient dans la revue IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility | EDF France

Since carrying out full wave simulations is not always feasible nor practical daily, we propose a variant of the formula given in the standard IEC 62305- 4 to calculate the peak values of the magnetic field strength inside grid like shields formed by the reinforcing steel bars of the buildings. The formula is complemented by a sparse polynomial chaos expansion (PCE) to take into account various geometrical configurations of the grid like shields.

aides a la recherche 2020 2021

COMMITTEE FOR THE HISTORY OF ELECTRICITY AND ENERGY GRANTS FOR 2021 / 2022 Since its foundation in 2001, the Committee has two objectives. to conduct or foster scientific research, and to share and impart knowledge on the history and heritage of electricity and energy.

Compliance of Flamanville 3 equipment with the new Order on nuclear pressure equipment

However, since the 2005 new Order on nuclear pressure equipment" (ESPN Order,") the French nuclear safety authority (ASN) is requesting for Flamanville 3 equipment to comply with new mechanical specifications. AREVA and EDF are currently preparing the work on a new series of tests aimed at demonstrating the compliance of Flamanville 3 equipment to these new standards.

2nd supplement to the EMTN 2007 base prospectus

This Second Supplement has been prepared pursuant to Article 16 of the Prospectus Directive and article 212- 25 of the Règlement Général of the AMF for the purposes of incorporating additional information relating to the Issuer since the release of the Supplement referred to hereabove... material mistake or inaccuracy relating to information included in the Base Prospectus which is capable of affecting the assessment of Notes issued under the Programme since the publication of the Base Prospectus.

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Olivier THIERRY + 33 (0) 7 63 08 61 46 2 January 2016 LNG TERMINAL THE ANCHORING CONVENTION Since the start of the project in December 2011, Dunkerque LNG has been actively involved in promoting employment. Since the end of 2013, Dunkerque LNG has also been anticipating the end of the project through a regional anchoring convention, which was signed with the State on 19 February 2014.

Annual Results 2012 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

Of course I will not draw up an exhaustive list of such issues since you know them already. 2012 was no exception to the rule... By contrast, investments allocated to upgrading our facilities have undeniably paid off, since the number of unplanned outages, as you will see in the details that we will obviously give you, remained at a 10- year low.

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