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Transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q1 2020

One of the most significant impacts of the crisis on the Group is the extension of the outages duration in the nuclear fleet, which led to revise our assumption for French nuclear output to 2 EDF... Please note that the drop in gas prices has a significant impact on the level of the sales but no or limited effect on the margin.

Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - EDF group 2018

Annual variations in temperatures and rainfall, as well as the availability of the nuclear facilities, can have a significant impact on how much use is made of EDF' s fossil-fired plants and lead to considerable differences in annual emissions... Conversely, some companies deemed to have a significant impact may be included in the environmental scope but do not appear in the financial reporting scope.

Ethics and good governance [Specific clause regarding Environment_EDF Luminus.pdf]

etc.) and to warn it of any circumstance likely to have a significant impact on the environment. The duty of advisor, like the obligations required of the Contractor pursuant to the present clause 24 1, shall be assessed with regard to and within the limits of the missions entrusted to him in accordance with his specific competences.

Sales - 1st quarter 2010 presentation

counterbalanced by an increase of the depreciation charge leading to no significant impact on EBIT. 17 The P & L' impact on 2009 is almost exclusively attributable to EDF Energy (no significant impact either on sales.

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