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The commitments of EDF Luminus (Development report 2013)

The strategic priorities of EDF Luminus with regard to training, in line with the company' s' mission Customer centricity Leadership Business knowledge Talent development Sharing & Learning Mindset Communication skills (incl language training, networking capacity... This partly explains the fall in the number of hours devoted to" academic" training sessions.

The 2014 reference document

EDF leads regional networks that bring together about ten companies that discuss energy choices for a period of three years; offer an energy management system to customers... the assets under concession; run and maintain the network in such a way as to ensure the continuity of supply; carry out work on the network (in particular.

Rapport Développement Durable 2015

98 1 % de salariés ont suivi à moins une session de formation durant l' année (personnel en disponibilité ou en longue maladie non inclus... L' événement 2015 a été l' occasion d' approfondir l' importance du networking, du point de vue de la performance au quotidien comme de l' évolution professionnelle.

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