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This label recognises companies that maintain sustainable and balanced relationships with their suppliers... g. reverse factoring,) on the setting up of contracts with companies working to promote employment among disabled people and on the importance of balanced relationships with its suppliers.

Structure of the partnership for Hinkley Point C project

In addition, AREVA has developed fruitful industrial relationships with CNNC, both in the reactor and fuel cycle businesses. The new partnership for Hinkley Point C will bring a range of benefits to the project, the UK, France and China.

EDF Green Bond Framework (September 2016)

Promote responsible relationships with suppliers Criteria a... Promote responsible relationships with contractors Criteria a... A responsible relationship with projects' contractors is developed through an active dialogue process and technical support c.


In this policy, EDF is strengthening the application of these principles within its relationships with its suppliers... EDF undertakes to nurture these conventions and principles in its contractual relationships with suppliers.

[CP news] JERA Trading acquires EDF Trading's coal and freight business

JERA and EDF Trading will further discuss developing wider collaboration platforms including LNG. "We look forward, through JERA Trading, to building and strengthening relationships with both current and new counterparties", said Yuji Kakimi... I' m excited to be part of this venture and look forward to developing an even closer relationship with JERA", said John Rittenhouse, Chief Executive, EDF Trading .About JERA.

Designing power transmission systems

We build on our comprehensive knowledge of systems to forge close operator to operator relationships with our customers and provide standout support at each stage of their projects. The independence and strength of our Group further enhances this support. Jean Paul Mairesse.

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