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The EMTN 2013 base prospectus

or premium] [(Insert for variable rate Notes) Notes with variable interest rates can be volatile investments... Variable rate Notes with a multiplier or other leverage factor Notes with variable interest rates can be volatile investments.

The transcript of the Analysts Conference 2010

This can be explained by regulated activities (540 million) due to price increases (+ 170 million,) the impact of a very favourable climate effect in the winter 6 in France and a lower impact of storms... this would be 0 9 %. So, to manage this usually we have a long term debt with a rate which is above 4 6 % as an average.

Res 2016 - Transcript FR

The efforts we have to try and mitigate the very volatile market conditions and the very low coal price, these efforts can be successful. Our ability to launch a product like Sowee within the space of just a few months shows that we too can be agile... I cannot say too much about this right now, just that discussions are well underway and we are confident that we can reach an agreement whereby there will be tender offers.

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