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depliant musee hydrelec

L' odyssée patrimoniale et industrielle d' EDF Un musée pour tous Accès facilité Tous publics Le Musée EDF Hydrélec est accessible à tous, petits et grands. L' utilisation de dispositifs multimédias, d' installations de réalité augmentée, de bornes interactives permet une exploration ludique et...

PR - EDF opens an office in Warsaw dedicated to the preparation of EDF's offer for 4 to 6 EPR reactors in Poland and appoints Thierry Deschaux as its Managing Director

The activity of the office will focus on extending the engagement EDF has built over the last 10 years with all key stakeholders involved in the Polish nuclear program. One of its key tasks will be to embark the Polish industry into EDF' s European supply chain by establishing long-term partnerships and accelerating qualification of Polish suppliers.

S1 2018 - Retranscription

Compared to H1 2017, Opex were down 150 million over the last six months... 31st July 2018 Let me just highlight a couple of developments at Framatome over the last few months... we actually recorded net reimbursements of instalments paid in 2017 in the context of a reduction of the taxable income over the last three years.

Sales - 1st quarter 2014 transcript

Over the first three months of 2014, on the next slide, the cumulative nuclear output is relatively stable, with a drop of 1 TWh compared to last year. 1 TWh is less than 1 %... On the CFD, over the last quarter we had discussions, of course, and we were involved in the consultation process by the EU.

Q1 2017 - Transcript EN

Over the last few months, we have accelerated strategic allocation of capital to our renewable activities... But a progressive catch-up is expected over the third and fourth quarters since the corresponding period last year had been affected by carbon segregation controls as well as Bugey 5, Gravelines 5 and Fessenheim 2 outages.

Update on the UK NuclearNew BuildProject

will today benefit from the experience accumulated over the last 30 years... As you can see, significant progress has been achieved over the last 12 months to be in a position to take a sound investment decision from a financial standpoint and in the interests of the EDF Group.

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