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EDF Energy is the UK' s largest producer of low carbon electricity, and supplies electricity and gas to millions of residential and business customers... Under his leadership, EDF Energy has grown to be the UK' s largest generator of electricity, supplying more than 65TWh of low carbon nuclear electricity in 2016.

[CP] Hinkley Point C hits its biggest milestone yet

Hinkley Point C hits its biggest milestone yet On schedule completion of Unit 1 nuclear platform Nuclear station' s low carbon electricity vital for transition to" Net Zero" Contracts signed for innovative joint venture for next phase... Hinkley Point C' s reliable low carbon electricity will play a vital role in helping the UK tackle the climate change crisis.


This will provide low carbon electricity to meet 7 % of UK demand... EDF Energy also invests in a range of low carbon technologies including renewables and battery storage... The Better Plan is EDF Energy' s framework for being a sustainable and responsible energy business and is an integral part of EDF' s 2030 vision to be the efficient, responsible electricity company, and champion of low carbon growth.

[Liste documents] Electric Mobility Plan

Starting in 2019, the Group will present each of these markets with a fully integrated range of offerings including low carbon electricity... EDF, the low carbon energies champion and Valeo, the leader in high and medium voltage electrification, have formed a partnership to monitor the development of future battery technologies and charging solutions, as well as the development of mobility services.

[News] The EDF Group has inaugurated two ground breaking energy transition projects in the United Kingdom

At Blyth, we have used innovation to drive down the cost of off shore wind power and at West Burton B we are setting up infrastructures, which will guarantee viability of a system increasingly focused on low carbon energy. Both projects demonstrate our commitment to providing UK consumers with reliable, affordable, low carbon energy from a range of technologies mainly based on renewable energies, batteries and nuclear power.

Rosatom and EDF Group join forces to develop green hydrogen

Low carbon hydrogen production is a key factor in the energy transition. The agreement with the Rosatom Group.


EDF signed two agreements for low carbon projects in China... The plant will supply low carbon electricity to approximately 5 million Chinese consumers... A global leader in low carbon energies, the Group has developed a diversified generation mix based on nuclear power, hydropower, new renewable energies and thermal energy.


World leader in the low carbon energy sector, the Group has developed a diversified generation mix based on nuclear power, hydropower, new renewable energies and fossil fuel power. The Group contributes to energy supply and provision of services to around 37 8 million customers, including 28 3 million in France.

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As a worldwide global leader in low-carbon energy, the EDF Group is active across the low carbon energy value chain, from generation to retail, from energy efficiency to trading. EDF has adopted in 2020 its raison d' être which is to build a CO2 neutral energy future, by reconciling the preservation of our planet, well-being and development thanks to electricity and to innovative solutions and services.

EDF at a glance 2019

Low carbon electricity is the energy of change... © Getty Images CLOSE TO CUSTOMERS LOW CARBON INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION multi... The carbon intensity of its kilowatt hour is very low at 57 g of CO2 / kWh in 2018, one of the best in the world... Because 97 % of electricity in France is low carbon (1) thanks to nuclear power and renewable energy.

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