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EDF Energy is the UK' s largest producer of low carbon electricity, meeting around one fifth of the country' s demand and supplying millions of customers and businesses with electricity and gas... This will provide low carbon electricity to meet 7 % of UK demand... EDF Energy also invests in a range of low carbon technologies including renewables and battery storage.

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explores new opportunities to valor EDF deep expertise in the low carbon energy chain and possible future business models in relation with business units among our international Group... YOUR MISSION The goal is, through projects, to adapt and integrate EDF' s low carbon approaches and competencies to the Chinese urbanization process.

Teesside Offshore Wind Farm

The 27 turbine scheme is capable of delivering 62 MW of low carbon electricity The wind farm has the capacity to produce enough low carbon electricity to meet the average annual needs of all the homes and businesses in nearby towns Redcar... dynamic and attractive By drawing upon the natural, renewable resource of the wind, EDF Energy Renewables provides low carbon energy- actively contributing to the development of new generating capacity to help meet the growing demand for energy.

[CP News] Generic Design Assessment process to begin for UK HPR1000 nuclear technology

EDF Energy' s safe and secure operation of its eight existing nuclear power stations at sites across the country makes it the UK' s largest generator of low carbon electricity... These new plants could generate enough low carbon electricity for about 40 % of Britain' s homes.


"Hinkley Point C' and successive nuclear projects will guarantee the UK the reliable, secure low carbon electricity it needs in the future... The Commission concluded that the contract is an appropriate and proportionate way for the UK to meet its need for secure, low carbon energy... The Hinkley Point C project Hinkley Point C' s two EPR reactors will provide reliable, low carbon electricity to meet approximately 7 % of the UK' s' electricity needs and will be competitive with other forms of low carbon generation.

[CP News Russie] EDF Pulse 2016: ?????? ? ????????, ???????????? ?????????

Three categories: Smart Home, Low Carbon City and E Health... These are smart home, low carbon city and ehealth.

West Burton B power station

It can be switched on and off in less than one hour in order to respond to market demand and it can provide back up to low carbon energy. such as nuclear and renewables. PRESS KIT 16th April 2014 From an environmental viewpoint.


affordable, low carbon electricity for the future... The power station is a vital part of the UK' s low carbon energy future and will provide enough reliable electricity to meet 7 % of the UK' s future electricity needs.


Empowering THE futurE OF YOUR CITY EDF' s' innovative approach supports cities' success EDF has in depth expertise in the low carbon energy sector coupled with a long term commitment to fostering technical, social and business innovation... Optimized Urban Systems- Low Carbon City... Green Roofs & Facades- Public Lighting Low Carbon Energy Systems.

Plaquette EDF in Africa

EDF aims to support you handling your energy challenges, from low carbon electricity production to smart energy services .ENERGY TRANSITION SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY PARTNERSHIP INTERNATIONAL DIVISION 22- 30 , avenue de Wagram 75008 Paris Cedex 08 France www.edf.com Design & production.

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