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Energies territoires des N° 3-- avril 2021 par EDF Territoires Hydrogène bas carbone à saisir. p. 08 Baromètre Le climat, une priorité pour les Français p. 04 Transition énergétique Décryptage des discours p. 13 Matière grise Baromètre.

Transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference

My last question is coming back to the balance sheet... Last question: for your 500 million cost cutting over three years, would you mind sharing with us the timing of implementation... Maybe one last question? Louis Boujard, ODDO BHF :Yes, hi, good morning everyone and thank you for taking my question.

Q3 2018 - Transcript FR

As regards your second question, indeed, the year for Enedis is better than we expected last year and I do not see reasons for having a specifically poor second half of the year for Enedis... Xavier Girre :To begin with your last question, as you understand, we are very positive as regards our EBITDA guidance for this year.

Sales - 1st quarter 2013 transcript

We have maybe a last question on the phone from Vincent Ayral ;a follow up question. Vincent Ayral -Société Générale London- Equity Analyst Hi again. I would have a question related to this arbitrage of Sonatrach.

Transcript résulats annuels 2015 VF

I will stick to three questions, the first one coming back to the question I asked last year on the unsustainability of the regulation in France... Jean Bernard Lévy :Okay, I will take the last two questions and maybe turn to Thomas for the first questions... Jean Bernard Lévy :Sorry, can you repeat the very last question you raised? Emmanuel Turpin :Sure.

Sales - 1st quarter 2015 transcript

Assuming a positive tariff evolution is included in our full year guidance, yes, of EBITDA growth for the year that I just confirmed today. 9 EDF Sales & Highlights 2015 First Quarter Tuesday, 12th May 2015 Moderator: Last question. Given the recent rating actions on EDF: can you comment on these rating actions, and could you comment on your rating going forward? Thomas Piquemal :The rating is of course very important to us.

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