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The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q1 2021

But last year, Mr. First Quarter 2021 Sales and highlights 12 May 2021 but according to our first estimates, we currently consider that it had no significant net impact at Group level... As reminded by our CEO Jean Bernard Levy last week at the General Shareholder Meeting, a red line for EDF is to remain an integrated group.

Transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q1 2020

Last, EDF provided support to its customers and suppliers by granting accelerated payment of invoices to vulnerable micro, small and medium size suppliers in France... Despite turmoiled financial markets over the last three months, the nuclear liabilities coverage ratio remained resilient with a 99 5 % coverage ratio by the dedicated assets as of 30th of April 2020.

Communiqué S&P du 25 février 2019 (en anglais)

See Terms of Use / Disclaimer on the last page. FEBRUARY 25, 2019 1 Table Of Contents (cont.) Related Research Ratings List S & P GLOBAL RATINGS360 © S & P Global Ratings... See Terms of Use / Disclaimer on the last page. FEBRUARY 25, 2019 2 Research Update :Energy Co... See Terms of Use / Disclaimer on the last page. FEBRUARY 25, 2019 3 Research Update :Energy Co.

Sales - 1st quarter 2013 transcript

Hydro conditions are back to their historical average with reservoirs quite full at the end of the winter as in a standard year but as you can see better than last year... Therefore the net effect is plus 200 million compared to last year but plus 100 million compared to a normalised year. The last key item on our agenda in 2013 is the investment decision regarding the UK New Build Project.

Sélection photos juillet 2017 GB

The latest news in pictures Completion of system flushing operations Flushing of the last two safeguard systems towards the primary system and reactor vessel has now been completed... Not only is he the senior tester of a specific system but he also conducts the orchestra by coordinating all activities comprising a complete testing phase.

Sales - 1st quarter 2015 transcript

But overall for the full year, we still ambition to increase the nuclear output compared to last year. Since returning to service following the boiler spine inspections last year, all reactors have run successfully... Maybe one last comment on the UK. on the B2C side the product accounts average was down 3 8 % over the period, but this impact on sales was partially mitigated by higher gas sales due to the favourable weather conditions. Italy.

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