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Des chercheurs d'EDF publient dans la revue IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility | EDF France

In industrial facilities, evaluating the magnetic fields induced inside reinforced concrete buildings struck by lightning is fundamental to define protection measures. Since carrying out full wave simulations is not always feasible nor practical daily, we propose a variant of the formula given in the standard IEC 62305- 4 to calculate the peak values of the magnetic field strength inside grid like shields formed by the reinforcing steel bars of the buildings.

Finalisation du financement de la phase 3 du parc solaire de 800 MW de Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum | EDF France

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park is the largest single site solar park in the world based on the IPP model, and is instrumental to the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050. The solar park' s production capacity will reach 5, 000MW by 2030 with investments totalling AED 50 billion. It will eventually save over 6 5 million tonnes of carbon emissions every year, supporting Dubai' s' objectives to promote its sustainable goals.

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Le Groupe EDF s'allie au consortium mené par Masdar pour développer la Phase 3 du parc solaire Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum | EDF France

"We are happy to see more international companies such as EDF joining the Masdar led consortium for the 800 megawatt (MW) third phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum solar park, which will be constructed based on the IPP model to achieve sustainable development .The Solar Park has attracted the interest of global business and energy companies, which reflects the trust and interest from international investors in large projects adopted by Dubai Government, encouraged by the favourable existing regulatory and legislative frameworks in Dubai that enable public private partnerships.

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EDF Statements | EDF France

EDF partner of the Euroswac project, a highly efficient innovative shallow water based Sea Water Air Conditioning solution for the Channel Area... Energy is our future, save it.

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depliant musee hydrelec

L' odyssée patrimoniale et industrielle d' EDF Un musée pour tous Accès facilité Tous publics Le Musée EDF Hydrélec est accessible à tous, petits et grands. L' utilisation de dispositifs multimédias, d' installations de réalité augmentée, de bornes interactives permet une exploration ludique et...

aides a la recherche 2020 2021

It will be based on the following criteria: originality of the subject, preparation and quality of presentation of the project... she is selected (as payment of the grant will be conditional upon signature of an agreement... -a photocopy of the student card or an attestation of research delivered by the university or research centre with which the candidate is affiliated.

Questions and answers on the EDF Green Bond Framework - September 2016

(i) Renovation and upgrade of existing hydropower facilities (ii) Modernisation and automation of existing hydropower facilities' maintenance and operation (iii) Hydropower development projects (based on existing facilities) Q & A on the EDF Green Bond Framework September 2016 1/3 Under its this Framework focused on power generation assets from renewable energy sources.

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The two companies are also partners in the Sizewell C EPR project, as well as in the Bradwell B project which is based on Hualong technology. Jean Bernard Lévy, the EDF Chairman and CEO stated.

Download the PDF "Fighting against fraud"

The fight against fraud is an integrated strategy based on a range of measures or actions with an aim towards... 3.) This strategy is part of logic of continuous improvement based on the operational experiences of the Group' s' entities... preventing fraud is based on two requirements... The organisation of the Group is based on the division of responsibilities and on the checks associated with them.

Transcript T1 2016

Second point as regards Hinkley Point :Hinkley Point is based on a regulated agreement, in particular for the energy price which is called the CFD, the" Contract for Difference... This consensus is based for most of the analysts on a change in the depreciation policy from 40 to 50 years for the entire nuclear fleet.

At a glance 2010

ISO 14001 certified production process. (Cover copyrights: EDF- Lionel CHARRIER, Getty / Photodisc, Getty / Flickr) HUMAN RESOURCES EDF' s' industrial success is based on the excellence and motivation of its staff. The Group is promoting skills development to boost performance and meet the expectations of its employees.

HSE Policy - detailed info

07.09.2017 p. 1 A SUSTAINABLE HSE* MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Our HSE management system is based on a continual improvement loop and is certified according to international standards. Objectives and performance indicators are regularly monitored.

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