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The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2020

Or actually would you prefer it to be a fixed price, a fixed CFD and do you have an indication in terms of how discussions are going and what we might get as a final model... Would you mind giving us your view about how much capacity you currently own in France, for which PPAs were signed or contracts were signed before 2011, i. e. contracts which are potentially at risk.

Obs'COP 2021 - Questionnaire

You do it systematically or almost systematically You do it from time to time You don' t do it yet but you are considering doing it You don' t want to do it. how often do you use your... how often do you take a plane... If you never take a plane, please indicate 0 / / times a year TO ALL MEAT1 On average, how often do you eat meat or meals based on meat.

Q1 2018 - Transcript EN

I wondered if there is a different scale of investment that would be possible, if you had some flexibility on how those assets could be invested? Xavier Girre :As you know, we have already accelerated the investments we are doing. The net investments in the Renewables were in the range of 500 million per year three years ago.

S1 2018 - Retranscription

Could you please give us a quick update on this project and tell us how things are progressing here? Thank you. CAP 2030 .You see that year over year, renewables are becoming increasingly important in our mix... As many of you are aware at the very end of June 2018, the EPR reactor in Taishan was connected to the grid for the very first time, just a few weeks after its first chain reaction.

Transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference

As you are well aware, both plans were completed to the letter and even ahead of the initial schedule... As you are all aware, Hinkley Point C' is the benchmark for the planned construction of two EPR units at Sizewell... You are well aware that EDF is a renowned supplier of hydro engineering services... GROUP EBITDA BY SEGMENT Before detailing the figures, let me remind you that Edison' s E & P activities are accounted as discontinued activities under IFRS 5, excepted the Algerian and Norwegian assets which are no longer in the scope of the transaction.

The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2021

So, what is the official timeline if you have seen anything like that on taxonomy, what are your expectations? Finally, on nuclear new build, new regulation, we see a lot of supports... How do you see this evolving in the near to medium term? Thank you very much. 6 EDF 9 months 2021 Results 10 November 2021 Xavier Girre :Thank you, Vincent, for all your questions.

Transcription de la présentation aux investisseurs et analystes HY 2021 (en anglais)

Hence, the increases in our EBITDA and our net income excluding non- recurring items are also very strong when compared to the first half of 2019, as you can see on this slide... Are you able to give us a number for what those hedges look like now for 2022, averaging out kind of everything that you explained in your comment just now? It would be very helpful if you could do that.

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indd 5 24/10/2017 09:55 HOW TO USE THIS CODE This document was designed to guide you in dealing with any situation in which you are unsure of the attitude to adopt and the implications of your actions. set an example of acting with integrity through what you say and what you do; raise awareness among the employees of the importance of integrity and compliance with the law in their work; ensure that your colleagues are familiar with and understand the rules set out in this Code of Conduct by regularly taking the time to explain them; ensure that compliance with the law and regulations is constantly monitored; endorse the behaviour of staff when they act with integrity; create a climate of trust in which every employee can raise.

Download the EDF Group's 2021 Impact Report

United Nations Development Group. -(4) Data are based on 2020 actuals. -(5) The Impact Management Project (IMP) is a forum for building global consensus on how to measure, assess and report impacts on people and the environment... How do you assess progress towards this carbon neutrality target? With CAP 2030, EDF has made reducing CO2 emissions to keep global warming" well below 2 °C" (1) a core part of its strategy.

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Things are starting to happen and low-carbon electricity is clearly the energy that is changing everything. "Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jean Bernard Lévy Interview © EDF- Stéphane Lavoué 04- 05- How is EDF doing... I am referring in particular to the new fully digital Digiwatt system, and Mon chauffage durable (financial aid for upgrading home heating) and IZI by EDF, the first home services website. -How is EDF doing commercially.

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