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Webinaire en anglais : où en est la révolution de l'ordinateur quantique en France ? Inscrivez-vous ! | EDF France

How to produce a quantum computer, what are the most promising technologies to perform useful calculations with precision, what can be done now with these technologies? with Qandela' s' unit photon sources with rubidium atoms magnetically confined and cooled to 30 K by Pasqal Doppler laser with the spin of the NV centers of Diamfab with carbon nanotubes from C12 Quantum Electronics and Alice & Bob' s' error correcting technology.

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Q1 2018 - Transcript EN

How are you preparing yourself to avoid that similar problems would not occur through the Grand Carénage? Second, if I understood you correctly, your increasing cost-cutting target is for 2018 only. It does not change your target for 2019, so you are just bringing the cost cutting forward.

Download the EDF Group BEST Framework

21 The EDF Group BEST Framework 8 7 The MOC process defines how changes are managed. emergency 8 8 The MOC process takes into account the consequences of unexpected change.

Transcript résulats annuels 2015 VF

I will now detail our 2015 financial performance and explain our 2016 guidance, and also explain how we are going to be cash flow positive in 2018 (after dividends and before Linky... I will explain to you how we are going to do it. The page number 26 explains the evolution of net investment... Now is: how are we going to adapt to the challenging market conditions.

Sales - 1st quarter 2013 transcript

A few months into the debate now how do you think things are going and, secondly, what do you think the law, which the Government wants to present to Parliament in October, is going to talk about... On your net debt guidance for the full year of net debt to EBITDA of between 2 and 2 5 times how are you accounting for the hybrid in that number.

Annual Results 2012 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

I am not going to describe here what are our objectives aimed at meeting these challenges, nor am I about to describe how we have been working on these issues for several years already... The tariff equation What is at stake here and what is the issue we are dealing with? It is how the tariff for electricity is calculated.

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