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Sales - 1st quarter 2014 transcript

So all of those reasons explain why we feel confident with at least a 3 % increase in the EBITDA at the Group level for the full year, excluding Edison. So let me start with slide number 3, the key highlights for the past quarter... Just to put things in perspective, average temperatures in January were on par with 1988, and only second to temperatures reached in the year 1900.

Milestones 2010

In these pages, those who work with EDF describe how hydro generation is rooted in the regions, and how energy services are being delivered to local authorities... Potential output: 16 5 TWh. -Storage hydropower systems, for instance those on the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, have medium-sized water reserves for covering temporary spikes in consumption.

Res 2016 - Transcript FR

Thank you for those listening over the phone... This opportunity to speak to you is due the publishing of our 2016 results after a year of a lot of obstacles to be overcome, but I believe we have demonstrated our ability to indeed surmount those challenges... It is very effective in helping to get us through today' s challenges and simultaneously to plan for the future.

Annual Results 2011 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

Among the major industrial partnerships in the works, we have mentioned those with major players, major French partners, but they aren' t the only ones. Finally, we end the year with a robust financial structure... which means we can meet the debt ratio target with net debt of 2 2 times EBITDA and... Let me start with my favourite area: operations.

Sustainable development report

We come at those questions with diverse perspectives... It looks to develop a responsible long term relationship with customers, suppliers and those living near its industrial sites and plants... Thus, the EGD agency in Marseille entered into a partnership with Micro' Orange, a company with 29 employees which recycles IT and electronic material and aims to help the unemployed get back into the job market.

The transcript of the Analysts Conference 2010

We' ll get back to that later on. 3 Over the coming months, priorities are first and foremost industrial performance at all Group' s levels, starting with generation. I' m here with Thomas PIQUEMAL... Over this H1 2010, we' re seeing a slight rebound with electricity consumption growing 4 9 % in France, to 3 7 % in Germany and 1 5 % in the UK.

Transcript S1 2016

It includes updating of the memorandum of understanding covering the strategic partnership with Areva in the nuclear reactor area. It includes the strengthening of our savings plan with the objective of reducing Opex by at least 1 billion in 2019 compared to 2015... Regarding asset disposals, yesterday we announced that we are entering into exclusive negotiations with a consortium of Caisse des Dépôts and CNP Assurances for a long-term partnership with RTE which will include the sale by EDF of 49 9 % of RTE.

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2008

23 million pixels to reap the benefits of extreme simulation Working with other industrial groups and laboratories, including those of Alcatel and the French Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l' Énergie Atomique -CEA... "I want to work on-site, and with EDF I get to work on some great industrial sites.

Annual Results 2012 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

We will respect those two objectives. Henri Proglio On the contrary, we have even associated them with Group operations... We are also reviewing some other projects, such as one clean coal project in Poland, and we stick to those investment criteria, which are quite strict, with strict value creation objectives for each of our projects.

Transcript résulats annuels 2015 VF

And I would like to get into some of the other highlights of our results before I hand over a bit later to Thomas Piquemal, our CFO, who will provide you with all the information required... Secondly, we are going to enter into a discussion with the French state to get full compensation for the overhead that we are incurring in managing these regulated tariffs or contracts.

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