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The press release

In Italy, sales were down by 10 4 % in organic terms, due mainly to the decrease in realised gas prices... Sales in the Other International segment were down by 2 3 % in organic terms... This favourable effect on sales of 849 million was more than offset by lower net sales on the markets, which were down by 895 million 12, mainly due to lower output and ARENH sourcing.

The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2020

down by 0 5 %. Retreated from the Covid... Nuclear output was also down by an estimated 25 TWh due to other non- Covid factors, partly counterbalanced by planning outages optimisation worth 7 TWh... At Group level, sales in services activities were down by 7 8 % in organic terms to 3 7 billion euros, mainly as a consequence of the sanitary restrictions and the decrease in gas prices.

The 2017 Financial Report (16/02/2018)

Nuclear power output amounted to an average 43 .3GW (379 .1TWh,) down by 1 % from 2016, which was a year of low production particularly in the final quarter. The first quarter of 2017 was marked by outages for additional tests concerning the carbon segregation issue, and in the final quarter the four Tricastin units were shut down at the request of the ASN.

Articles of association of EDF SA at 05/15/2014

Article 7- Changes in the capital The share capital may be increased, reduced or amortized under the conditions set down by law... without prejudice to any other recourses and sanctions set down by law and the Company may in particular have the non paid. up shares sold in accordance with the terms and conditions set down by the legal provisions and regulations.

The Financial Report H1 2014

Average previous day GME price for same-day delivery. Page 9 sur 52 In Italy, prices were down by more than 20 %, principally as a result of significantly higher hydropower and wind power output and lower consumption levels... In Belgium, spot prices were down by an average 11 8 / MWh from first-half 2013, for similar reasons to France and Germany.

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