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Three years after being created, Electranova Capital invests in FirstFuel, a customer intelligence platform for energy providers

the energy cleantech venture capital fund managed by Idinvest Partners and strategically backed by the EDF group... The fund was created in May 2012 through a partnership between Idinvest Partners, EDF (the global Utility,) Allianz- the international financial and insurance group and BPI- the French Sovereign Fund.

Extracts of the prospectus relating to the private placement of long-term notes to qualified investors outside of France - January 2010

The joint venture agreement for the creation of the company" Sviluppo Nucleare Italia Srl" also sets forth the commitments of both Enel and EDF as well as corporate governance rules. The joint venture agreement contemplates the creation of a Board of Directors comprised of eight members.

Annual Results 2008

or occurrence of unanticipated events. 3 Annual Results A major year for EDF' s' industrial future Pierre Gadonneix Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 2008 A strengthened industrial model in a deteriorated economic environment} Resilient electricity demand in a declining economic environment} Capital expenditure kept at a high level }Upheld ability to access financial markets despite a drastic reduction in corporate financing sources} Improved and lasting competitiveness of nuclear generation despite the current decline in fossil fuel prices 5 Upheld results in a challenging environment} Key Group figures y Sales.

Activity and Sustainable Development Report 2010

3 060 MW Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Company (30 % EDF) Construction of 2 EPR reactors LAOS Nam Theun Power Company (40 % EDF) Installed capacity... In Italy, EDF and Enel set up the joint venture SNI2 to carry out feasibility studies for the construction of four EPR reactors... EDF ENR is a 50- 50 joint venture between EDF and EDF Energies Nouvelles.

Sustainable development report

In Capetown, PNES (1,) a joint venture by EDF and Eskom, has distributed electricity in the township of Khayelitsha since 1984 (350 000 people. EDF Group Report 2004 Sustainable development 2 Table of contents Sustainable Development Report 2004 TABLE OF CONTENTS Chairman' s statement... ..5 EDF at a glance.

Extracts of the prospectus relating to the private placement of long-term notes to qualified investors outside of France at January 21, 2009

UniStar Nuclear Energy, a joint venture of Constellation Energy and EDF Group, submitted a combined license (COL) application to the U S Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for a potential new reactor at Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station in Scriba... EDF' s' interest in Constellation Energy Nuclear Group will be structured as a new joint venture between the companies, separate from the existing UniStar joint venture.

Sustainable development report

ISO 14001 certified production process. 22- 30 , avenue de Wagram 75382 Paris Cedex 08 -France edf.com EDF SA capital stock 911 085 545 -552 081 317 RCS Paris Corporate and Commercial Communication Division... LLC. 50 / 50 joint venture between EDF and Constellation Energy (EDF 3 1 %... A significant portion of EDF' s' employee profit-sharing is indexed on the achievement of the targets outlined in the Program. CONTRACTUAL COMMITMENTS Corporate Social Responsibility Agreement The CSR agreement was concluded with social partners in 2005 for all activities worldwide.

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EDF signed an agreement to create a joint venture with GEHC (Global Energy Holding Company) whose first goal will be to carry out feasibility studies in light of the Saudi nuclear programme, based on the French EPR technology... EDF Energies Nouvelles rolled out its operations in a new country with a partnership with Indian company ACME Cleantech Solutions Limited to create a joint venture based in India.

Financial Report 2008

FINANCIAL REPORT Consolidated financial statements at December 31, 2008 Statutory Auditors' Report on the consolidated financial statements EDF' s summary annual financial statements at December 31, 2008 Management Report 2008 2008 report by the Chairman of the Board of Directors on Corporate Governance.

The 2014 reference document

plant and equipment Service sector real estate assets 148 153 153 221 222 14 4 Shareholding by Directors and trading in EDF securities by corporate officers and executives Employer participation in the construction effort 153 Subsidised home ownership loans 153 15 Compensation and benefits 224 226 229 229 9 9 1 Operating and financial review Key figures 154 156 15 1 Compensation of corporate officers 15 2 Provisions for pensions.

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