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Obs'COP 2021 - Press Release

The environment is not downgraded: in 5th position at 41 %, it cannot compete with concerns that are closer to everyday life, but it surpasses unemployment and crime. A small majority of 50 % on a global scale claim to be favorable to giving priority to the environment over growth and employment, whereas 35 % would make the opposite choice and 15 % did not comment.

The EMTN 2007 base prospectus

In France As a result of the opening up of the French electricity market, EDF must compete with other suppliers... Therefore, when renewing a concession agreement, EDF does not compete with other operators.

2nd Supplement to the EMTN 2019 Base Prospectus

Therefore, at this time, when a concession agreement is renewed, Enedis and EDF do not compete with other operators. This is the legal basis for the current process of renewing concession contracts with all of the authorities in charge of organising electricity distribution.

Sales - 1st quarter 2014 appendices

no support in case of negative prices Open to all RES (1) generators (different technologies can compete with each other) Support to be granted based on competitive bidding processes 68 industrial sectors may benefit from up to 85 % reduction in charges. or a charge limited to 4 % of the sector value added For highly electro.

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2007

HALF YEARLY PRICES BELGIUM 116 125 184 153 96 100 101 100 186 173 112 120 131 175 202 157 197 DENMARK GERMANY SPAIN FRANCE ITALY NETHERLANDS SWEDEN UNITED KINGDOM 94 COMPETITION In order to provide resellers who compete with EDF the maximum level of security within a context of high market prices. in December 2007 the French Competition Authorities accepted EDF' s commitment to give them access to a volume of base load energy.

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