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Transcript of the press conference organised to accompany the publication of a press release on the Flamanville 3 project - 9 October 2019

We have already explained the situation: the function of the steam pipes in the secondary circuit of a pressurised water reactor is to conduct the pressurised steam from the steam generators to the machine room to produce electricity... What' s more, in spring 2018 (as we explained at a press conference in July 2018,) EDF detected quality drift in some of the welds of the main secondary circuit at Flamanville and started additional inspections of the entire circuit.


Project 2019- 2020 Continuation of the development study for the garden revolving around the challenges facing energy and energy transition, due to open in the Spring of 2020. 2 The Electropolis Museum... A new building with a dynamic shape now winds itself around the cube... -a new show revolving around the big Sulzer BBC machine, which provided a large part of the energy supply of the Dollfus Mieg et Cie (DMC) factory in Mulhouse, from 1901 to 1947.

Quarterly financial information - 1st quarter 2013

The first quarter of 2013 was also marked by an improvement in the Group' s financial structure due to the allocation of the CSPE receivable to dedicated assets after a comprehensive agreement with the French government was reached. In addition, the Group raised over 6 billion in hybrid bonds, which represents the biggest hybrid issue ever by a non- financial company in three currencies. Henri Proglio, Chairman and CEO of EDF said.

Actualités EPR Flamanville 3 - GB - février 2015

Aerial view- May 2014 Reactor building Workers run gamma monitoring cables through ducts around the reactor building... Aerial view- May 2014 Safeguard buildings Worker using an orbital welding machine on a pipe forming part of the secondary circuit. This rail mounted machine revolves around the pipe for the application of weld beads. Aerial view- May 2014 Safeguard buildings Worker connecting wires inside a ventilation damper panel.

Actualités EPR Flamanville 3 - GB - novembre 2014

Aerial view- May 2014 Safeguard building Welding work progresses in order to complete installation of the cooling circuit... These pumps suck in water from the condenser and send it to the tank that supplies the steam generators. Aerial view- May 2014 Turbine hall Workers install fire water pipes around cable trays.

Press Kit [CIST]

PRESS KIT August 2014 Engineering Transmission System EDF' s Transmission expertise in France and around the world Only print this message if you need to... or a project group will be put together around the (renewed in July 2013 for 3 years) Project Leader... EDF' s Transmission expertise in France and around the world 2 PRESS KIT August 2014 SUMMARY 1.

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