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Download the EDF Code of conduct - Ethics & Compliance - July 2021

Carry out or have carried out a check on the integrity of business relations before making any commitment, in accordance with the Group instruction memo... The employee should also check that any actions in which they wish to participate are compatible with their employment contract. HABITS TO ADOPT Apply a transparent and objective recruitment procedure.

Download the Ethics and Compliance the code of conduct

Check the integrity of business relations before entering into any undertaking, in accordance with the Group Ethics and Compliance Policy... Sign a contract with a partner without calling on the Security and Economic Intelligence Division to carry out an in-depth integrity check in the event of proven risk, and to do this systematically if the partner is an intermediary.

Half-yearly report at 30 June 2019

Press release 9 July 2019 Half Year Report for the Liquidity Agreement with Oddo BHF In connection with the execution of the liquidity agreement entered into between EDF and Oddo BHF... 1 305 406 shares 3 627 619 63 in cash The following assets were affected to the new liquidity agreement entered into with Oddo BHF which came into force on the 28 March 2019.

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but I' ll check that with the team. Sorry, Martin, but I' ll come back to you on that.

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