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Sales - 1st quarter 2014 transcript

Moving now to the other international segment on slide 11, you can see that sales are down, primarily because of Belgium, which had a challenging first quarter with sales down organically by nearly 20 %... So now that you' ve had the draft in your hands, I wonder what you can share with us regarding the rate of return that the formula would use, and the kind of tariff trajectory that the current draft would imply.

Milestones 2010

In these pages, those who work with EDF describe how hydro generation is rooted in the regions, and how energy services are being delivered to local authorities... Potential output: 16 5 TWh. -Storage hydropower systems, for instance those on the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, have medium-sized water reserves for covering temporary spikes in consumption.

Annual Results 2011 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

which means we can meet the debt ratio target with net debt of 2 2 times EBITDA and... We have also received the support of all Edison' s Italian shareholders and I can tell you that we have just finalised the agreement with our Italian partners only a few hours ago... Hence, a non- recurring gain of 266 million euros can therefore be booked based on historic cost with an impact on the stock of provisions for renewal.

The transcript of the Analysts Conference 2010

Pierre LEDERER, who is with us today, can also give any details you may want... We' ll get back to that later on. 3 Over the coming months, priorities are first and foremost industrial performance at all Group' s levels, starting with generation... You can see that this was a + 5 4 TWh increase in France during the first half, whereas nuclear output in France is slightly down, it is practically stable: -0 9 TWh as compared with the first half year 2009.

Res 2016 - Transcript FR

As you can see, our operating expenses fell by 1 3 %, 300m over the period of 2016, absolutely in line with our four- year goal of 1 billion. Thank you for those listening over the phone... This opportunity to speak to you is due the publishing of our 2016 results after a year of a lot of obstacles to be overcome, but I believe we have demonstrated our ability to indeed surmount those challenges.

Annual Results 2012 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

First, a pricing pattern needs to be defined with the government that can provide the sector as a whole and its players with visibility... You can see that it was lower than its average, while the red curve, which represents 2012, is definitely in line with historical averages... The supply / demand electricity balance shows this point well, as you can see on the left-hand side part in light blue: 60 TWh means a 4 TWh increase in comparison with the previous year.

Transcript S1 2016

It includes updating of the memorandum of understanding covering the strategic partnership with Areva in the nuclear reactor area... or in France, so that we can try to get sort of a cleaner... so that we can try to get a little bit of a clean number going forward once these hedges are rolling off and once you are re-

The transcript of the Analysts Conference 2011

EN 29 juillet 2011 had not provisioned so we' ve asked the regulator CRE to speed up their audits with our competitors so that we can get additional explanation in the second half. Let' s start with our performance in the first half- performance that can be regarded as highly positive in spite of the troubled environment.

Transcript résulats annuels 2015 VF

This shows that EDF employees can make huge efforts, can deliver success in front of a difficult market but with a commitment to the collective strategy that EDF is implementing. And I would like to get into some of the other highlights of our results before I hand over a bit later to Thomas Piquemal, our CFO, who will provide you with all the information required.

Sustainable development report

10 In the following report can be found other initiatives implemented in line with the ten principles and flagged by the Global Compact logo as well as the performance indicators... We come at those questions with diverse perspectives. We will do our best to work with EDF executives and specialists in the coming sessions of the panel to elaborate new ideas that can inspire the strategy and decisions of EDF Group in the near term.

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