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Download the 2017 sustainable development indicators

-the Group' s campus at Saclay. opened in August 2016, developed further throughout 2017.

Download the 2018 sustainable development indicators

The Saclay campus, which was opened in August 2016. continued to expand during 2018, with almost 1 500 training programmes and over 1 800 internal and external visitors.

Téléchargez les indicateurs de développement durable 2019 [English version]

The Saclay campus continued to ramp up its activities in 2019, with 90 000 Group employees welcomed for training courses or professional seminars (and 120 000 employees welcomed at the three corporate campuses. Work study programmes EDF group has been promoting work study programmes for many years as it considers them an excellent means of training, encouraging professionalisation and of socially integrating young people through work.

Information at end 2014 presented in the Reference Document

three thermal power stations, a Combined Heat and Power Scheme (CHP) and onshore and offshore renewable assets through EDF Energy Renewables... At end 2014, 8 of the 22 sites of the Fiat contract were certified (including both sites located in Spain,) with the objective of having them all certified eventually. The remaining 49 % is owned by Veolia Propreté (24 %

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Saclay campus (Europe' s No. 1 scientific cluster... Saclay Campus. -ITE partners EDF works with seven of France' s' energy transition institutes (ITE.

Information financière trimestrielle - Neuf premiers mois 2013

Pose de la première pierre du centre de Saclay Le 10 octobre 2013... du Développement durable et de l' Énergie Philippe Martin a posé la première pierre d' EDF Lab à Saclay... Implanté sur 12 hectares, le site associera un centre de R & D d' envergure mondiale et le nouveau Campus EDF.

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