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In 2014, it generated turnover of 72 9 billion euros, 45 2 % of which was outside France. EDF is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and is a member of the CAC 40. Only print this message if you really need to CONTACTS Press office.

Décision de la Commission européenne

Following this cancellation, the state had returned to EDF on December 30, 2009 a total amount of 1 224 billion euros corresponding to the amount that was paid by EDF to the French State in February 2004 (this amount was partially repaid to ERDF and RTE for their respective shares... In the second half 2015, this decision should lead to an increase in net financial debt of the Group of around 0 9 billion euros (net of tax effect excluding impact on net debt of RTE.

Annual Results 2011 The transcript of the Analysts Conference

as well as to a reduction in charges for depreciation and renewal provisions from 6 9 billion to 6 5 billion euros... This is why net income excluding non items rose by 13 4 % on the year, as I told you earlier during the introduction- to 3 5 billion euros from 3 1 billion euros... Net income, group share is 3 billion euros, which is triple the amount reported the previous year, and was marked by a number of exceptional items.

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