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Information at end 2014 presented in the Reference Document

A warning system is in place to immediately inform the company' s' executive management of any event that could potentially justify a decision to treat a situation as a Group crisis... The project received its first drilling permit in 2014. Environmental products business EDF Trading' s products include renewable energy certificates (RECs,) biogas, carbon emissions and credits, and weather derivatives.

Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - EDF group 2019

Other companies that are accounted for under the equity method but excluded from this assessment represent less than 5 % of emissions in this category. BREAKDOWN OF GHG PROTOCOL EMISSIONS FOR EDF GROUP Scope 1 Direct emissions... heating and cooling systems consumed for own use amortisation of emissions from the production of fixed assets (power plants.

1st supplement to the EMTN 2007 base prospectus

Under the terms of this agreement, EDF will contribute public electricity distribution network facilities, and assets of all kinds owned by EDF which relate to electricity distribution, to the future subsidiary EDFRéseau de Distribution2... This agreement covers volumes of some 350 TWh spread over 24 years.

Consolidated financial statements at December 31, 2010

financial instruments valued using valuation techniques based wholly or partly on non- observable parameters. 1 3 17 1 2 Held to maturity financial assets This category covers fixed term investments which the Group acquires with the intent and ability to hold to maturity. They are recorded at amortized cost at the transaction date.

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