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The water in the lower reservoir is pumped to the upper reservoir during periods of low demand. When demand is strong, pumped storage facilities feed electricity back into the grid by using the water from the upper reservoir to drive turbines. The water is then collected in the lower reservoir. For this project, DEWA will use the water stored behind the existing Hatta dam as the lower reservoir.

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In addition, hydro reservoir capacity was highly dispatched at the beginning of the year. This helped meet strong demand and prepare reservoirs in the context of a significant snow cover, the melting of which is expected to support output until the summer season... Also, perhaps a bit of colour around the hedging profile, so we can understand how that division may benefit from the higher commodity prices we have seen recently.

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6 1 4 Investment policy 6 1 4 1 Investments in 2014 The Group continued its gross operating investments programme in the amount of 13 6 billion in 2014 (excluding the Linky project of smart meters... In addition, through its engineering, it provides technical and industrial skills to the entire Group in these three fields (see section 6 3 "(Presentation of EDF group' s' international business.

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themed visitor centre and landscaping around Saint Jean. Baptiste de Poggio chapel, which is a popular tourist site.

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the dam' s reservoir will cover an area of 450 km2... A reservoir covering 450 km2 95 % Rice yields from villagers' plots have shown a marked increase in the second year... What we achieve here can contribute to setting up similar initiatives around projects of this type throughout the world... Experts, urban planners, architects, property developers and landlords are all mobilized around maximum amount of energy used in buildings with the BBC Effinergie low-energy consumption label in new build (80 kWh / m2 / year in existing buildings.

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