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The transcript of the Investors and Analysts conference Q3 2020

As you know, we are preparing a dossier for the government that has to be submitted mid- 2021 and we have been asked to do that. We are still working on that, and in fact any intermediate document doesn' t call for any specific comment. Olivier Van Doosselaere (Exane BNP Paribas :)Good morning and thank you very much for taking our questions.

Q1 2018 - Transcript EN

I wondered if there is a different scale of investment that would be possible, if you had some flexibility on how those assets could be invested? Xavier Girre :As you know, we have already accelerated the investments we are doing. The net investments in the Renewables were in the range of 500 million per year three years ago.

S1 2018 - Retranscription

CAP 2030 .You see that year over year, renewables are becoming increasingly important in our mix... As many of you are aware at the very end of June 2018, the EPR reactor in Taishan was connected to the grid for the very first time, just a few weeks after its first chain reaction... but now they are doing well.

Sales - 3rd quarter 2012 transcript

As you are well aware, significant developments, engineering and supply chain work has already been undertaken to position Hinkley Point C' as the UK' s most advanced new nuclear project... with Dominique, we are now ready to take any questions that you may have... But again, we are, you know... Damien de St Germain (Crédit Agricole) Are you confident to keep net debt on EBITDA ratio below 2 5 times in 2013 as you were reviewing down 2013 EBITDA guidance.

Sales - 3rd quarter 2011 transcription of the QA

Second question comes from Andrew Moulder (Credit Sights) is asking: are you expecting any cash payment or receipt in the Edison deal excluding the puts on any mandatory tender offer on the minorities... We' ll obviously, and we are consistently, permanently doing so with all the different suppliers of Edison and we expect to get results next year.

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