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It is an exemplary project in many respects, where all stakeholders' interests are satisfied in the long run... They are also an occasion to carry on the cooperation with our Chinese partners and to reinforce our ties with them... One then understands the financial commitments, the complexity of required competencies and the reason why there are so few players able to compete, although the international competition is strong with other types of reactors.

The statutory auditors' report

effective July 1, 2011, are based on the information available from the Group. The report also includes information relating to the specific verification of information given in the Group' s management report... the audit of the accompanying consolidated financial statements of Electricité de France S A "(the Group ;")the justification of our assessments; the specific verification required by law. The consolidated financial statements have been approved by the Board of Directors.

Report by the Chairman of EDF Board of Directors on corporate governance and internal control procedures

This consolidated risk map is based on mapping exercises established by each operating or functional entity using a common methodology (typology, identification, evaluation and risk controlling principles, etc..) Each risk identified is the subject of a clear action plan... These financial statements are established in line with the principles on unbundled accounting and recommendations made by the Energy Regulation Commission.

Annual Results 2011 The Statutory Auditors' report

1 Opinion on the consolidated financial statements We conducted our audit in accordance with professional standards applicable in France; those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the consolidated financial statements are free of material misstatement.

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