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Another milestone has been accomplished in the development of the Son My 1 combined-cycle gas power plant project (2250 MW) in Vietnam.

It is aligned with Vietnam' s' energy diversification policy while fulfilling a dual purpose: meeting the growing demand for electricity and reducing the proportion of coal in Vietnam' s' energy mix (34 %) in favour of gas and renewables... whilst being perfectly aligned with EDF' s CAP 2030 strategy which seeks to triple the Group' s share of business outside Europe by 2030.

EDF Social Bond Framework S&P SPO

Électricité de France' s (EDF' s) proposed social bond framework is aligned with the four components of the Social Bond Principles 2020 (SBP... Use of proceeds The social bond framework is aligned with this component of the SBP because it commits to using the net proceeds of bonds issued under the social framework to fund eligible projects that fall under the SBP eligible category.

[liste doc] The Vietnamese government confirms the EDF Group's position as leader of the consortium in charge of the studies for the building of a 2000-MW combined-cycle power plant at Son My

The project is fully aligned with Vietnam' s' energy transition. Our involvement in this country, which is already significant in the gas fired power sector, is in line with our CAP 2030 strategy, which seeks to multiply the Group' s' international business by three come 2030" .This press release is certified.

The presentation - 12/02/2015

Strategic and economic consistency Selectivity Capex aligned with the Group' s strategic challenges. Consolidating our positions in countries where we already have a big footprint Strong development potential in emerging markets Competitive edges.

Transcript S1 2016

the necessary conditions to allow the depreciation period of the 900MW reactors to be aligned with the Group' s' industrial strategy are met. The Group' s consolidated financial statements as at 30 June 2016 thus include the extension from 40 to 50 years of the depreciation period of the 900MW reactors, except Fessenheim.

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