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Angleur - uw elektriciteit in 9 minuten

Ook de CO2uitstoot is beperkt; -we maken gebruik van de" Wet Low NOx" technologie. Daarbij wordt in de brandstof een gelijke hoeveelheid gedemineraliseerd water geïnjecteerd.

Brochure centrale d'Angleur

-la technologie" Wet Low NOx. qui consiste à injecter de l' eau déminéralisée en quantité équivalente à celle du combustible.

De engagementen van EDF Luminus (2012)

-Door de' Wet Low NOx'- technologie wordt de uitstoot van stikstofoxide (NOx) beperkt.

Les engagements EDF Luminus [PDF dev durable]

-la technologie' Wet Low NOx' permet de réduire les émissions d' oxyde d' azote via l' injection d' eau déminéralisée. -les cheminées sont équipées de silencieux.

"Activity & Sustainable Development 2012"

June and October; above average at the end of the year. Hydropower capacity levels in France were therefore very variable.

The full Financial Report 2012

August and September; close to normal in May. June and October; above average at the end of the year. Hydropower capacity levels in France were therefore very variable.

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2007

respect for the environment 3 300 MW net EDF Énergies Nouvelles target for installed wind power capacity by the end of 2011 1 million Number of low... generates, maintains and develops the electricity distribution networks (high and low voltage) 596 200 km of 20 000 volt high voltages lines 669 300 km of 400 volt low voltage lines EDF Énergies Nouvelles (Owned 50 %

Report Activity & Sustainable Development 2006

a balanced energy mix with low CO2 emissions 79- A strategy focusing on sales and marketing 80- Networks... ...........emissions. ..mix. .with. ...low. .carbon... 592 200 km of medium voltage lines and 663 800 km of low voltage lines United Kingdom EDF Energy (EDF 100 %) Sales contribution... 164 000 km, low, medium and high voltage lines RTE EDF Transport (SA 100 % EDF) / regulated activities Around 100 000 km of high voltage and ultra high voltage grids 44 cross-border lines Dalkia Holding (EDF 34 %

Annual Results 2013 The Management Report

In the United Kingdom, however, prices rose as a result of their strong correlation with gas prices... This led to high stocks, which kept up downward pressure on forward prices, and the price per tonne of coal for delivery in 2014 ended the year at around USD 82... Furthermore, it was announced that Norway' s' export capacity would be reduced for one year.

Annual Results 2011 The Management Report

This rise was considerably mitigated by record low levels of domestic consumption due to mild temperatures in the early months of the year and the autumn, and good nuclear availability... French exports to Germany rose as the German energy mix lost competitivity and French domestic demand was low... and drawings on inventories were low.

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