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Teesside Offshore Wind Farm

The 27 turbine scheme is capable of delivering 62 MW of low carbon electricity The wind farm has the capacity to produce enough low carbon electricity to meet the average annual needs of all the homes and businesses in nearby towns Redcar. Marske and Saltburn- approximately 40 000 homes The wind farm is located 1 5 kilometres off the coast and subsea cables connect to a newly built substation at nearby Warrenby The wind turbines are arranged in three rows of nine.

Quarterly financial information - 1st quarter 2013

In particular, it sets the average power cut duration at 2 4 minutes, already adopted under TURPE 3. Furthermore, it expands the scope of the financial incentives to include the average frequency of power cuts... New shares will be issued at a price equal to 90 % of the average of the opening prices of the EDF shares listed on the Euronext Paris regulated market over the 20 trading days prior to the date of the Shareholders' meeting.


the average maturity is13. 2 years for an average coupon that remains at 3 5 % (2) Organic growth at constant scope and exchange rates (3) Pro forma after the allocation of the CSPE receivable to dedicated assets on 13 February 2013 and subtraction of 2 .4bn from the dedicated assets portfolio. enabling 100 % coverage of the EDF nuclear liabilities that are eligible for dedicated assets (4) Hybrid issuance booked as equity due to their characteristics and in compliance with IFRS (5) 2011 Net Income Group Share 3x vs.

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