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The Investor Presentation of the November 2013 Green Bond issuance (PDF, 1,5 Mb)

the Sustainable Development Panel Direct jobs (1) Indirect jobs (2) 10 .Actively fight energy poverty and promote access to electricity Publication of the number of actions to support our customers in need carried out by Group companies that supply energy 625 000 516 900 11. Preserve water resources in all our activities Publication.

Présentation Investisseurs de l'émission Green Bond de novembre 2013

Social Committee Depuis 2005, le Groupe a mis en place un panel de parties prenantes Groupe (Sustainable Development Panel) 10. Lutter de façon volontariste contre la précarité énergétique et promouvoir l' accès à électricité Publication du nombre d" actions engagées pour accompagner nos clients précaires menées par les sociétés du Groupe.

Information at end 2014 presented in the Reference Document

It also includes, as automatic statutory members, the Chairmen of the Sustainable Development and Scientific Councils for France, as well as the Chairman of EDF Energy' s Stakeholder Advisory Panel... In 2014, the International Sustainable Development Panel met to examine the results of the Group' s CSR commitments, one year after their introduction.


the Sustainable Development Panel. Contributing to the development of territories through employment Publication of the number of direct jobs (Group employees) and indirect jobs (resulting from purchasing orders with our suppliers and service providers) generated by EDF business activities. Situation 2012 Indirect jobs* 134 500.

Responsabilité d'entreprise

le Sustainable Development Panel. Contribuer par l' emploi au développement des territoires Publication du nombre d' emplois directs (effectifs du Groupe) et indirects (liés aux commandes aux fournisseurs et prestataires) générés par les activités d' EDF. Situation 2012 Emplois indirects* 134 500.

Sustainable development report

.....8 Sustainable development panel... 10 Fundamentals Sustainable Development Report 2004 Sustainable development panel PUBLIC SUMMARY STATEMENT The EDF Group has invited us to combine our expertise into an advisory panel on sustainable development... The Sustainable Development Panel January 2005 11 SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT PANEL Panel members Short profile Brenda Boardman Oxford University, UK Frances Cairncross Exeter College, Oxford, UK Leader of Lower Carbon Futures; Head of Energy Section of Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University.

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