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visant à simplifier, transformer et digitaliser méthodes et process dans l' ingénierie nucléaire 18 Dans le scénario" Sustainable Development "de l' AIE (World Energy Outlook 2019. A l' horizon 2030, le groupe EDF vise une division par 2 de émissions directes de CO 2 dans le monde par rapport à 201710.

Investor Presentation: First anniversary of the November 2013 Green Bond issuance (December 2014)

renewable projects Projects meet all environmental and social conditions set with Vigeo Funds are solely allocated to eligible projects Funds are not used for any other corporate purpose GB proceeds effectively allocated to eligible projects match what is reported in the Reference Document Eligibility of projects that were allocated green bond funds Correct segregation and exclusive allocation of the funds to eligible projects Consistency between financial accounts and allocated amounts disclosed 15 Management and allocation of the funds Focus on projects financed with the GB Reporting and assurance Looking forward 16 Full cooperation across corporate and operational divisions is essential Finance Division Sustainable Development Division EDF Energies Nouvelles Bond structure.

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C S Paris www.edf.com EDF GROUP CODE OF ETHICS EDF GROUP COMMITMENTS EMPLOYEES' COMMITMENTS UN GLOBAL COMPACT CONTACTS 20 Sustainable Development Division design The EDF Group is ISO 14001 certified March 2013.


Sustainable Development Division- Human Resources Division- Design and production. SEITOSEI- photo Credits: © EDF Médiathèque- the group is certified ISO 14001 -june 2013.

Sustainable development indicators

The Sustainable Development Division defines the scope covered by the reporting process based on. -The half-year consolidation scope provided by the Finance Division; -Criteria linked to the relevance in terms of Sustainable Development of the activities of the subsidiaries and affiliates... INFORMATION ON THE ACCOUNTABILITY INDICATORS USED The main environmental accountability indicators and the methodology used are detailed in a document (in French and English) supplied by the Sustainable Development Division to its network of direct associates who ensure their distribution to the different data collation teams.

Sustainable development indicators

The Sustainable Development Division defines the scope covered by the reporting process based on... Every year, the Sustainable Development Division surveys and / or makes proposals to the various branches and divisions, which constitute internal levels of validation, regarding the inclusion or exclusion of companies in the environmental consolidation scope.

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